Air Corsica Corporate Office Headquarters

Aeroport Napoleon Bonaparte BP 505 Ajaccio, 20186 France


Note: This not airlines official number +1-844-234-6014. It may connect you with travel agency.

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Air Corsica has its main office in Ajaccio, France. This corporate office headquarters plays a vital role in managing the airline’s activities, making important decisions, and keeping everything running smoothly. Air Corsica’ corporate office headquarters is the place where various teams work together to make sure flights are on time, passengers are happy, and all rules are followed. In this article, you will get the ways of contacting Air Corsica at its headquarters, its functioning, and queries handled by it.

How to contact Air Corsica Corporate Office Headquarters?

You can contact Air Corsica Headquarters through different ways, i.e. phone, email, fax, etc. Contacting them is straightforward for anyone needing assistance beyond regular customer service. Whether for detailed inquiries, feedback, or specific concerns, there are several ways to reach out. The headquarters staff are prepared to handle a range of queries, ensuring that your questions are addressed promptly and efficiently. Next, we’ll look at the various contact methods to contact Air Corsica’ main office.

Phone Number

If you need a quick response or have a question that needs verbal clarification use the Air Corsica corporate office phone number. Calling the Air Corsica corporate office Headquarters at 33 049 520 9520 is your best option. This line is especially helpful for immediate assistance or to discuss matters that are too complex for email or fax.

Email Address

Air Corsica Corporate Office email is It can be utilized for non-urgent inquiries or if you prefer digital communication. This option is ideal for detailed questions, suggestions, or feedback that don’t require an immediate response and can be tracked easily through email correspondence.

Where is Air Corsica Corporate Headquarters located?

Find the address and directions of Air Corsica’ head office below:

Aeroport Napoleon Bonaparte BP 505 Ajaccio, 20186 France

The Air Corsica Corporate Office Headquarters is conveniently located in Ajaccio, France. Using the above-given address, you can visit for specific inquiries that need direct assistance from the headquarters, whether it’s detailed questions about flights, services, or policies. The location of Air Corsica corporate head office is easily accessible through its direction map.

Air Corsica Corporate Office Headquarters Operating Hours

The Air Corsica Corporate Office operates Monday to Friday : 9:00am – 6:00pm. During these hours, the office staff is available to help with various queries and tasks related to the airline’s services. Whether it’s for flight information, customer support, or any other assistance, you can reach out to them within these operational hours.

More About Air Corsica Headquarters

The headquarters of Air Corsica is more than just a physical location; it’s a symbol of the airline’s dedication to its customers and employees. The Air Corsica head office looks after the corporate management and airline operations. Additionally, it also handles flyers’ queries regarding their travel with Air Corsica.

How does it function?

The Air Corsica Headquarters is a busy place where the airline’s important work takes place. Here, the official makes major decisions regarding Air Corsica operations. As Air Corsica is headquartered in Ajaccio, France, it makes sure both domestic and international operations work smoothly from Ajaccio. Below are the key points of the functioning of Air Corsica Corporate Office Headquarters:

  • Flight Planning: Deciding the routes and schedules for flights.
  • Pricing: Setting ticket prices to make sure they are affordable.
  • Customer Service: Working on ways to help passengers have a good experience.
  • Safety Management: Making sure every flight is safe.

Queries Managed

The Corporate Office of Air Corsica is dedicated to addressing a wide range of travel-related queries to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for its passengers. From booking flights to handling luggage issues, the executive team at Air Corsica Head office is there to handle all queries to ensure passengers’ comfort as well as their safety.

Overall, Air Corsica Corporate Office Headquarters is where all the services of the airlines are reviewed and handled. Located in Ajaccio, it’s where important work like planning flights and helping passengers is done. This office makes sure that flying with Air Corsica is affordable and safe. It’s easy to contact them by phone, fax, or email for any travel questions. Overall, this office is essential in keeping Air Corsica running smoothly and making sure travelers have a good experience.

Where is Air Corsica headquartered?

Air Corsica is headquartered in Ajaccio, France.

How do I contact Air Corsica’ corporate office?

You can contact Air Corsica’ corporate office by phone at 33 049 520 9520.

Can I contact Air Corsica’ head office via email?

Yes, you can contact Air Corsica’ head office via email at

What is the Air Corsica headquarters’ phone number?

The Air Corsica headquarters’ phone number is 33 049 520 9520.

Where is Air Corsica’ headquarters?

Air Corsica’ headquarters is located at Aeroport Napoleon Bonaparte BP 505 Ajaccio, 20186 France.

Does Air Corsica Corporate office headquarters operate 24/7?

Air Corsica Corporate office headquarters opens Monday to Friday : 9:00am – 6:00pm.

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