What is the Nearest Airport to Asheville, NC?

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When travelling to Asheville, North Carolina, it’s essential to know which airport is nearest in order to save time. Asheville, situated in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, offers a rich cultural experience and natural beauty. To explore this popular destination, travellers can fly into AVL, the Nearest Airport to Asheville, NC. It is also called Asheville Regional Airport, which is located just 15.4 miles/24.7 km from the city centre. Although AVL is the most convenient airport for travellers going to this city, it may vary for people in other locations. They can also consider flying to other airports nearby, such as Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport or Tri-Cities Regional Airport. 

What Serves as the Nearest Airport to Asheville, NC?

The nearest airport to Asheville, North Carolina is Asheville Regional Airport (AVL). It is located just 24.7 km or (15.4 miles) from the city centre. To reach here, the drive takes approximately 20 minutes. AVL is a small airport with suitable flight options to this destination from other major cities in the United States.

  • The airport provides several services and amenities, Including:
    • Recharge stations for passengers
    • Wheelchairs available at the airport for disabled travelers
    • A pet relief area
    • Water bottle filling points and vending machines

Airlines Serving Asheville Regional Airport, NC

Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) is served by 6 airlines. These airlines offer a variety of non-stop flights to and from Asheville. Flights from major hubs such as Atlanta, Charlotte, and New York City are headed to this city in NC.

  • Allegiant Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • JetBlue
  • Suncountry Airlines

Best Ways to Reach Asheville Regional Airport 

There are a number of transportation options available to travel between AVL and Asheville downtown. The best way to reach Asheville Regional Airport is to take a taxi. This ride will take around 20 minutes to travel between Asheville and the airport in North Carolina.

Note: Passengers can reserve a taxi at the airport terminal.

Buses and rental cars are also available at AVL Airport to get travelers to Asheville, New Carolina.

Bus Stops:Asheville Transit (ART S3)Hendersonville Transit (Apple Country)35 to 40 minutesUp to 1.5 $
Rental Car Services:Avis BudgetHertzEnterprise20 to 25 minutes3.00 $/mile 

What is the Closest Major Domestic Airport to Asheville, NC?

One of the closest major domestic airports to Asheville, North Carolina, is GSP. Better known as Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport, it is located 125 km or (78.1 miles) away. It takes around 1 hour and 14 minutes to drive to and from the locations involved. 

The city in NC is served by other major airports as well that operate domestically. These include:

Tri-Cities Regional Airport (TRI)  

A major name on the list of nearby airports to Asheville is TRI. It is located at a distance of 77.3 miles/124.4 km from Asheville, NC. Tri-Cities Regional Airport is small but it offers a variety of domestic flights to this city. These flights originate from Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, and New York City. 

McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS)

TYS is among the largest airports in East Tennessee. It serves a million passengers each year. McGhee Tyson Airport is around 128.1 miles or 205.9 km from Asheville, NC. TYS is one major domestic airport to consider as it is served by various airlines. These include Allegiant Air, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Frontier Airlines. 

Another thing to note is that TYS is not only the closest to Asheville but it is also the nearest airport to Gatlinburg, TN. Hence, fliers from Gatlinburg can quickly travel to this city.

Which is the Main International Airport Nearest to Asheville, NC?

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) is the nearest international airport to Asheville, North Carolina. It is located 199.5 km or 124.1 miles away and takes around 2 hours to drive to. 

CLT is a major international airport with a wide variety of flight options. This makes it the best choice for travelers looking for international flights to/from Asheville, NC.

  • CLT is among the busiest airports in the US, annually serving around 50 million passengers. 
  • CLT offers non-stop flights from major international hubs such as:
    • London
    • Paris
    • Frankfurt
    • Amsterdam
    • Dubai
  • The airport is served by a variety of airlines, including:
    • American Airlines
    • Delta Air Lines
    • Spirit Airlines
    • United Airlines 

Tip: American Airlines provide direct flight to Asheville which takes around 1 hour to reach. 

Does Asheville Airport Operate Internationally?

Currently, Asheville Airport does not operate international flights. AVL only manages daily non-stop flights from Asheville, NC, to 26 different destinations around the United States. Some of the main domestic destinations to/from Asheville include Boston, Denver, Chicago, and Atlanta. 

Tip: International passengers can fly into CLT Airport and reach Asheville, NC via a drive. 

Is Asheville Airport Considered a Big Airport?

Covering an area of around 900 acres, AVL is considered a small airport. Since it is a regional airport, it is not big enough. It has been featured with a single runway of 8002 ft. x 150 ft. Being a small airport, AVL only deals in domestic flights via this runway.

Note: AVL is a small airport but offers good connectivity to Asheville, New Carolina. 

In Summary

Asheville Regional Airport is just 15.4 miles from the city centre and is the Nearest Airport Office to Asheville. Several airlines operate from this airport, offering non-stop routes from major hubs For international travel, Charlotte Douglas International Airport is preferable. For domestic and international fliers, quick connectivity is ensured through these. 

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FAQs on the Nearest Airport to Asheville, NC

Which airport is nearest to Asheville, NC?

Asheville Regional Airport is nearest to this city in New Carolina.

Is McGhee Tyson Airport nearest to Asheville, NC?

TYS is close to Asheville, NC, but is not the nearest airport.

How to reach the nearest airport to Asheville in North Carolina?

One can reach AVL, the nearest airport to Asheville, by taxi in 20 minutes.

Can I reach the nearest airport to Asheville by bus?

Yes, travellers can reach AVL, North Carolina, by bus via New Airport Road.

Is Charlotte Douglas the closest international airport to Asheville, NC?

Indeed, CLT serves as the closest international airport to this city in New Carolina.

Is Asheville, NC, a big airport?

No, Asheville Regional Airport is considered a small airport.

How long does it take to reach Asheville from CLT Airport?

It takes less than 3 hours to drive to Asheville from CLT Airport.

Which is the nearest major airport to Asheville in North Carolina?

Greenville-Spartanburg International is the nearest major airport to Asheville in North Carolina.

Is there a local airport nearest to Asheville?

Locally, AVL airport is located near Asheville.

Which nearest airport to Asheville is within 100 miles?

Tri-Cities Regional Airport is the nearest one to this city within 100 miles.

Is TRI Airport the closest to Asheville, NC, United States?

TRI Airport is close to Asheville, NC. But the closest one is Asheville Regional Airport.

What airport is closest to Asheville, NC, within 200 miles?

McGhee Tyson Airport is situated within 200 miles of Asheville, NC.

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