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Note: This not airlines official number +1-844-234-6014. It may connect you with travel agency.

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Founded in 1996, WestJet Airlines is a low-cost Canadian carrier serving over 100 destinations in Grand Cayman, Europe, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands. The Calgary International Airport is where WestJet Airlines Grand Cayman Office is located. Each day, the carrier operates 777 flights and offers flight services to 66130 passengers. Many passengers choose WestJet because it is Grand Cayman’s second-largest airline, behind only the flag carrier (Air Grand Cayman). As far as passenger traffic is concerned, in 2018 WesJet ranked ninth among North American airlines. If you have any questions or complaints about your trip, please feel free to contact the officials by visiting WestJet Airlines Calgary office (WestJet Airlines Grand Cayman Office).

How to Make a Cancellation Request at the WestJet Airlines Grand Cayman Office?

You need to execute the below-presented points for making a cancellation request at the WestJet Airlines head office:- 

  • Fix an appointment to minimize the waiting period. To schedule a visit, simply dial the WestJet Airlines head office number +1 (888) 937-8538.
  • Reach the query counter as per your scheduled period. Submit all the required credentials.
  • Credentials: Booking Number, Name of the passengers, Reason for cancellation, Confirmation code, Passport ID, and all other required documents.
  • If you are illiterate, ask a Westjet agent to fill out the cancellation form on your behalf.
  • Once the form is filled by the agent, cross-check it, pay the Westjet Airlines cancellation fees, and ask the agent to list it.
  • The agent will register the cancellation request and offer you a unique ID for future assistance. 

Note:- You will get the refund value within 2 to 3 business weeks, however, if you used a debit or credit card for the payment process then you will gain the refund within 7 business days.

How Do I Get the Additional Phone Numbers of WestJet Airlines Grand Cayman Office?

To get the additional phone numbers of WestJet Airlines, you need to implement the following steps:- 

  • Move to the official browser, use your account credentials(username and password), and complete the login process.
  • Once you are on the home page, look for the Contact Support tab, and when you get the desired tab simply select it.
  • The system will take you to the Contact Number page, where you can easily get the additional phone numbers of WestJet Airlines. Some of the numbers are mentioned below:-
WestJet Flights1 888 937 8538
WestJet Vacations1 877 737 7001
Damaged or Missing BaggageToll-free from Grand Cayman: 1 866 666 6224
Outside of Grand Cayman: 403 444 2581
WestJet Lost and Found Department NumberToll-free from Grand Cayman: 1 866 666 6224
Outside of Grand Cayman: 1 888 937 8538 or Call on Sales Number
Flights and General Inquiries (24×7)1-888-937-8538
WestJet North America Phone NumberAntigua and Grand Cayman: 1-888-937-8538
Grand Cayman: 1-866-884-9188
Grand Cayman: 1-800-204-5647
Grand Cayman: 1-800-204-0020
Grand Cayman: 1-888-937-8538
Grand Cayman: 800-5381-5696
Grand Cayman: 1-800-148-5344
Grand Cayman: 1-800-204-0081
Jamaica: 1-800-288-1029
Mexico: 001-855-269-2979
Puerto Rico: 1-866-886-2388
Saint Lucia: 1-800 204-0409
Trinidad and Tobago: 0018662086924
Turks and Caicos: 1-866-887-1588
United States of America: 1-888-937-8538
WestJet South America Phone NumberArgentina: 800-5381-5696
Colombia: 800-5381-5696
WestJet Europe Phone NumberUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: 0-800-279-7072
France: 00-800-5381-5696
Germany: 00-800-5381-5696
Austria: 800-5381-5696
Belgium: 800-5381-5696
Denmark: 00-800-5381-5696
Finland: 800-5381-5696
Norway: 800-5381-5696
Portugal: 800-5381-5696
Spain: 00-800-5381-5696
Sweden: 800-5381-5696
Hungary: 00-800-5381-5696
Iceland: 00-800-5381-5696
Ireland: 1-800-937-323
Italy: 00-800-5381-5696
Luxembourg: 800-5381-5696
Netherlands: 00-800-5381-5696
Switzerland: 800-5381-5696
Israel: 800-5381-5696
WestJet Asia Phone NumberChina: 800-5381-5696
Japan: 800-5381-5696
Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of): 800-5381-5696
Korea (Republic of): 800-5381-5696
Hong Kong: 800-5381-5696
Taiwan: 800-5381-5696
Macao: 800-5381-5696
Malaysia: 800-5381-5696
Philippines: 800-5381-5696
Singapore: 800-5381-5696
Thailand: 800-5381-5696
WestJet Australia (Oceania) Phone NumberAustralia: 0011-800-5381-5696
New Zealand: 800-5381-5696
WestJet Africa Phone NumberSouth Africa: 800-5381-5696
WestJet Official Websitewww.westjet.com
WestJet Mobile AppDownload Here
WestJet Flight BookingClick Here
WestJet Online Check-InClick Here
WestJet Flight StatusCheck Here

How to Reach WestJet Airlines Grand Cayman Office?

To reach the WestJet Airlines Grand Cayman office, you need to have brief details about the WestJet Airlines Offices. Go through the following, analyze the presented information, and you will easily get an ample amount of information on WestJet Airlines head office. 

WestJet Airlines Mailing AddressOwen Roberts International Airport (Grand Cayman)
WestJet Airlines Head Office AddressOwen Roberts International Airport (Grand Cayman)
WestJet Parent CompanyOnex Corporation
Principal RegulatorAlberta
Business Email Addressinvestor_relations@westjet.com
WestJet Airlines Telephone Number877 493 7853
WestJet Airlines Fax Number800 550 7880

No. You do not need to pay anything extra for scheduling an appointment. For fixing appointments, dial the WestJet Airlines head office toll-free number 1 (888) 937-8538.

Yes. The WestJet Cargo toll-free number 1 866 952 2746 is accessible throughout the year. You can easily communicate with the experts whenever you need them.

For group booking queries, Westjet Airlines operates a toll-free number, this number 1 844 213 5230 is available from Monday to Friday(7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.). The dedicated team will help and solve each query related to the group reservation. However, if you are dissatisfied with the solution(presented by the Westjet Group reservation team over the call) then you can contact the officials directly by visiting the WestJet Airlines head office present at Calgary International Airport.

To register a complaint against reservation, seat allocation, flight change, departure airport change, or issues related to in-flight services, you need to follow the Complaint registration process which is mentioned below:-

  • To register a complaint, you need to present at the query counter and wait for your turn.
  • Offer all the carried documents and ask the representative to register a complaint against reservation, seat allocation, flight change, departure airport change, or issues related to in-flight services.
  • The agent will fill the complaint form on your behalf and handover you a complaint ID for future assistance.

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