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If you are a US resident and planning to see loved ones or want to explore new places, Turkish Airlines is the best choice to fly with. Even in the pandemic time, Turkish Airlines takes you to more than 200 destinations on safe and hygienic flights. To plan a memorable trip, you might have to visit the Turkish Airlines Office Lahore. Looking for its address? In this article, you will not only find the address of the Turkish Airlines Office but also the other contact details. In addition, you will learn about the queries handled by the travel experts. 

About Turkish Airlines 

Headquartered in the heart of Istanbul, Turkish Airlines was established in the year 1933 with an aim to provide an exemplary flying experience to passengers from all walks of life. The airline serves 315 destinations in the world including all major countries in Asia, America, and Europe among others.

Turkish Airlines Office Lahore Address for Reservations 

Walk up to the Turkish Airlines Office Lahore Address and meet the travel expert to 

Turkish Airlines Inc. Allama Iqbal International Airport, Level 2 office #2153, Lahore, Pakistan

Turkish Airlines Office Lahore Other Contact Details

You can contact the Turkish Airlines Office Lahore staff without visiting the office by using either of the following details: 

  1. Call the Turkish Airlines Office Lahore Phone Number that is +1-844-234-6014 and resolve all doubts regarding your upcoming trip.
  2. You can write to travel experts of Turkish Airlines via Email. The Email Addresses are  bostonreservation@thy.com and reservation.lax@thy.com.
  3. The following are Fax numbers for Chicago, Boston, and Los Angeles regions: +1 773 686 1668, +1 617 568 2559, and +1 310 640 9344.
  4. Write your message on FB page: https://www.facebook.com/TurkishAirlines/
  5. Tweet to us: https://twitter.com/TurkishAirlines
  6. Head to the ‘turkishairlines.com’ website and navigate towards the ‘Contact Us’ tab. On the Contact us page, there will be several other ways to connect with the Turkish Airlines representatives. 

How to Book a Flight with Turkish Airlines?  

There are several ways of booking a flight with Turkish Airlines: 

  1. By calling Turkish Airlines Office Lahore customer service
  2. Through walking up to the Turkish Airlines Lahore Office ticket counter. 
  3. By using the official website of Turkish Airlines 

If you want to book your flight tickets with Turkish Airlines at your fingertips without moving out from your place, follow the online flight booking steps thoroughly.

  • Head to the Turkish Airlines official website that is www.turkishairlines.com
  • Click on the ‘Round Trip’ if you want to book flight tickets for both the sides or click on ‘One Way’ or ‘Award ticket – Buy a ticket with Miles’. 
  • Choose the airport by clicking on the ‘From’ tab and browsing the available airports. 
  • Then, click on the ‘To’ tab to choose an airport you want to land on. 
  • Under the ‘To’ tab, there will be a ‘Calendar’ icon, click on it and choose the dates for ‘Departure’ after choosing one among ‘Flexible’ and ‘Direct flights’. 
  • The ‘Cabin and Pax Type’ window will pop up on your screen, choose an option among ‘Economy Class’ and ‘Business Class’. 
  • Then, select the number of the passengers as per the type. 
Note (s):
If you are travelling with someone who needs special assistance, click on the ‘First tab under the ‘Show more options’. Click on the second tab for ‘Unaccompanied child passengers’. If you want to book tickets with Turkish Airlines for more than 9 people together, click on the ‘Group reservation’. 
  • Click on the ‘Search’ button and all the available flights as per your locations will be shown on your list. 

After following the aforementioned steps, you will have to choose a Turkish flight as per your choice, make a payment, and take a printout of the online flight booking receipt. 

Turkish Airlines Lahore Office Phone Number for Baggage Service

Baggage restrictions and fees depend on your fare for a Turkish flight ticket. If you want to know about the following in detail, dial the Turkish Airlines Office Lahore Baggage number and pack your bags accordingly. 

  1. Free Baggage
  2. Restricted Baggage
  3. Baggage conditions 
  4. Baggage restrictions items and allowance
  5. Excess baggage and more.

How to Online Check-in to Turkish Airlines Flights? 

As per the COVID-19 protocols, Turkish Airlines is allowing the passengers to check-in via online only. You can check-in to your flight from 72 to 3 hours of your departure timings. Here are the correct steps that will help in checking in. 

  • Head to the Turkish Airlines official website that is www.turkishairlines.com. 
  • Scroll down the booking section and click on the ‘Check-in/ Manage Booking’ tab. 
  • The ‘Online Check-in’ window will open on your screen. 
  • Here, you must enter the following details of your Turkish online ticket.
    1. Ticket Number or Reservation Code (PNR)
    2. Passenger Surname 
  • Click on the ‘Manage Booking/ Check-in’ button. 
  • On the next screen, confirm your choice by clicking on the ‘Check-in’ button. 

Once you have successfully checked in to your Turkish Airlines flight, check the status of the flight before heading to the airport. In case, you could not check-in online due to some technical problem, contact the Turkish Airlines Lahore Office staff. 

How to Check Turkish Airlines Flight Status? 

The below-mentioned steps require an internet connection to implement on your device. In case you have no access to an internet connection, dial the Turkish Airlines Office Lahore phone number and talk to an expert to know about the flight status.

  • Head to the Turkish Airlines official website that is www.turkishairlines.com. 
  • Scroll down the booking section and click on the ‘Flight Status’ tab.
  • The ‘Flight Status’ window will open your screen. Here choose one among the enlisted options:
    1. Arrival 
    2. Departure 
    3. Flight Number 
    4. Route
  • Now, enter the following details as per the chosen options:
    1. If you have chosen Arrival, choose the ‘Airport’ from the ‘To’ tab and enter the date from the calendar.
    2. When you have chosen Departure, choose the ‘Airport’ from the ‘From’ tab and enter the date from the calendar.
    3. If you have chosen ‘Flight Number’, enter the same in the required box and choose the date from the calendar. 
    4. If you have chosen ‘Router’, choose the ‘Airports’ for ‘Departure’ and ‘Arrival’. 

Note: Choosing the ‘Date’ from the Calendar is a compulsory step no matter what option you choose in Step 3. 

  • Hit the button ‘See flight status’ and leave from your home for the airport accordingly. 

How to Cancel a Turkish Airlines Flight? 

If you want to cancel your Turkish flight tickets without heading to the Turkish Airlines Lahore Office then, follow the steps mentioned below and do it yourself. 

  • Visit the www.turkishairlines.com page on your device. 
  • On the Turkish Airlines homepage, click on the ‘My Trip’ tab. 
  • Log into your account and select the trip you want to cancel. 
  • Find the option of ‘Change Cancel trip’ and click on it. 
  • On the ‘Cancellation’ page, enter your ‘Turkish Booking ID’ and the ‘Last Name’. 
  • Choose the option of the ‘Cancel’ button and wait until the cancellation process completes.

If you want to buy Turkish Airlines tickets again, talk to the customer service and learn about the rebooking procedure by dialing the Turkish Airlines Customer Service Phone Number

Turkish Airlines Office Lahore: Help Desk

Contact Turkish Airlines Office Lahore Customer Service by dialing the following number: +1-844-234-6014.

Working Hours: Monday to Friday 09:00 AM to 05:30 PM.

Call Turkish Airlines Lahore office number today and get answers to the following:

  1. How to check-in online?
  2. What are Turkish Airlines Immigration Services?
  3. By how much time Flight is delayed?
  4. How can I cancel my tickets?
  5. What is the Baggage allowance?
  6. Economy class seats.
  7. Will WiFi be available inside the flight?
  8. My Luggage is missing, how can I report this problem?
  9. How to reschedule a booked flight?
  10. Regulations about Airport check-in. 
  11. Information about Visa.
  12. Want to complain about the inflight facilities. 
  13. I want to cancel my tickets booked with Turkish Airlines.
  14. Seeking some information to get my VISA.
  15. What are the options of inflight entertainment?

Turkish Airlines Customer Service Number for Other Countries

If you are Turkish Airlines travelers from other countries than the Lahore can contact the customer service providers by dialing the following number. 

Turkish Airlines Office United Kingdom+0844-800-6666
Turkish Airlines Office South Africa+00 27 21 936 3440
Turkish Airlines Office Spain+34-913010807
Turkish Airlines Office Switzerland+41 44 225 23 50
Turkish Airlines Office Australia+61 03 8318 51 00

How Do I Get to Go Turkish Airlines Airport?

Airlines Other Locations

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2 years ago

I booked 2 tickets from Lahore to Istanbul for 25th July but yesterday I received an email that one of the ticket got cancelled. I contacted Turkish Airlines Office Lahore but they can’t help me with it.

Ahmad Bilal
Ahmad Bilal
1 year ago
Reply to  Welma

Please will you share the exact location of their office in lahore

2 years ago

The staff at Turkish Airlines Office Lahore were very friendly. They are really soft spoken and always ready to help you out.

2 years ago

Turkish Airlines Office Lahore’s catering is unmatched by any other airline and the amenities provided onboard (amenity kit, headphones, bedding, etc.) are top-notch.

1 year ago

In Lahore where is the Turkish Airlines office anybody send me the address or location please

Muhammad Habib
1 year ago

Hello sir assalamualaikum

1 year ago

My family and I had a horrible experience with Turkish Airline multiple times. Their customer service is extremely unprofessional, deceitful, not knowledgable and unhelpful. Our flight had canceled from Lahore to Turkey and back to hometown in San Francisco as birds flying through damaged the wing of the plane and all passengers had to evacuate when the plane came back down to land. When we called the airline to rebook our flight, the customer service said they don’t see any flight being canceled and transferred me to another ticketing line saying they have added the notes in the system and ticketing department will helps me. Yet upon transfer she said there are no notes added and we don’t see any fight which was canceled when it was all over the news and even on Turkish website that our specific flight was canceled. They are liars, deceitful and have no customer service experience or skills. They have not helped us at all nor accommodated us in any way. Also we had to repurchase our tickets and pay again for a flight back even after sending a feedback to headquarters. Yet no response unfortunately. My advice, never fly via Turkish Airline

1 year ago

Hallo our flight is with turkish airlines Lahore to zürich transit via Istanbul. We are all ready vaccinated and wir are swiss citizens. Do we need pcr test?

Imran Ghani
Imran Ghani
1 year ago

I traveled with turkish airlines from Toronto to lahore 15 oct unfortunately i received my two broken bags when I reached lahore and I complain there costumers service but I lost my receipt
Can iget my claim without receipt?
I try to lahore office but no body reply my cell number is

Last edited 1 year ago by Imran Ghani
1 year ago


Shafiq A Khan
Shafiq A Khan
1 year ago

My return ticket is on April 1st, for USA if I extend my ticket for on week do I have to pay some money or price will be change
My confirmation No. is PAD0*** ticket no. 2357691990***