Malaysia Airlines New Zealand Office

Malaysia Airlines Info

Level 9, BDO Tower, 120 Albert St Auckland, New Zealand

24x7 0800 777 747


Note: This not airlines official number +1-844-234-6014. It may connect you with travel agency.

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Founded in 1947, Malaysia Airlines is also called Malayan Airways. It is a leading/national carrier of the country which is offering scheduled flight services to more than 100 destinations globally. Malaysia Airlines is also ranked in the list of 5-star airlines for its exceptional services and outstanding policies. Additionally, it has been awarded as the world’s best cabin crew”, “world’s leading airline to Asia “and Asia’s leading airline by the World Travel Awards. The airline has several offices around the world including New Zealand. If you are in New Zealand or want to fly to the same country, then you should have all the necessary details of the Malaysia Airlines New Zealand office.

How to Reach the Malaysia Airlines New Zealand Office Address?

Level 9, BDO Tower, 120 Albert St Auckland, New Zealand

How to Contact with Malaysia Airlines Office in New Zealand?

The airline has a dedicated staff in New Zealand. You can reach out to them and get answers to your different queries related to flight bookings, cancellations, refunds, special offers & deals, etc. And to learn more about the Malaysia Airlines Office in New Zealand. look at the following details:

Office Phone Number+1-844-234-6014 or 0800 777 747
Reservation Phone Number1800 102 7778
Fax603-8783 3078
Headquarters AddressSepang, Malaysia
Working HoursMonday to Friday, between 9 am to 5 pm
Official Website
Flight Booking
Manage Booking
Flight Status
Online Check-In
Baggage Information
Facebook Support
Twitter Support
Youtube Support
Instagram Support

Queries Addressed and Answered by Malaysia Airlines New Zealand Office Customer Care

When you reach out to customer care through the Malaysia Airlines New Zealand office address or Malaysia Airlines New Zealand office phone number, they will help you provide the answers to the following queries (please note that this is just an indicative list):

  • Ticket reservations
  • Seat upgrades
  • Seat selection
  • Ticket cancellation
  • Ticket rescheduling or rebooking
  • Refund policy
  • Different class options
  • In-flight services and amenities
  • In-flight entertainment, meals, and other services
  • Check-in options
  • Baggage policy and allowance
  • Frequent flyer program and its membership
  • Airport services
  • Airport lounges
  • Special deals and discounts
  • Visa information and related details
  • Flight information and other details
  • Delayed and cancelled flights
  • Missing and damaged luggage

You will also be provided with professional support services for many other queries by calling on the Malaysia Airlines New Zealand office phone number or visiting the Malaysia Airlines office in New Zealand.

Which Planes Does Malaysia Airlines Airlines Fly?

Airbus A330-2006
Airbus A330-30015
Airbus A330-900
Airbus A350-9007
Boeing 737-80042
Boeing 737 MAX 8
Boeing 737 MAX 10

Where to Download the Malaysia Airlines Mobile Application?

Download the Malaysia Airlines Mobile Application from the below-mentioned links and drop your query there:

Android Users:

IOS Users:

FAQs on Malaysia Airlines New Zealand Office

We have answered some of the frequently asked questions about the Malaysia Airlines New Zealand office and related aspects below. Please take a look:

What is the address of the Malaysia Airlines office in New Zealand?

Level 9, BDO Tower, 120 Albert St Auckland, New Zealand

How can I contact Malaysia Airlines in New Zealand?

0800 777 747

What services are provided at the Malaysia Airlines office in New Zealand?

Services provided at Malaysia Airlines New Zealand Office generally include ticket sales, reservations, changes to existing bookings, information about flight schedules, baggage inquiries, and general customer service assistance.

What are the office hours of Malaysia Airlines in New Zealand?

Monday to Friday, between 9 am to 5 pm

Can I make a reservation or purchase a ticket at the Malaysia Airlines office in New Zealand?

Yes, it is possible to make reservations and purchase tickets from Malaysia Airlines New Zealand Office.

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Roy Dharmapala
Roy Dharmapala
1 year ago

To whom it may concern,

I’d like to write about a horrendous service with Malaysian airlines as a result of which our family will not be flying with you guys again.

My mum past away in Sri Lanka and I picked to fly Malaysian Airlines (even though it wasn’t the cheapest) as I personally haven’t had a bad experience in the past. This was a mistake as others have said Malaysian Airlines isn’t that great. I paid over $6,0** to fly from NZ to Sri Lanka but it was the fastest option available to get to Sri Lanka. Based on the flights, we had arranged the funeral and invited guests.

I checked in at the airport. Went to one counter, waited in line for one hour, the first counter said my name is not there…as this didn’t seem right, I went to the second counter, and well, guess what, my name is there….

We went to the gate and the flight was delayed by 2 hours. We started to board, and we sat there for 1 hour before the flight took off. We weren’t offered any food nor drinks. By this stage, we’d been at the airport 5 – 6 hours. I was feeling thirsty so I asked for some water, but it never arrived.

Once we took off, I pressed the button to call a flight attended. 1 hour 30 minutes later, the cabin manager came and turned off the light, without even bothering to ask why the light was on. as I was very frustrated, I asked the manager he turned the light off without asking what I needed, he didn’t have an answer nor an apology. I told him I requested water over 2 hours ago and I didn’t get anywater. He also didn’t bring me any water.

After 2 hours, they served the meals with juice. Pretty poor quality for an international long haul flight. No coffee nor tea was being served on this 11 hour flight. As we were late departing, I told the cabin manager that I’m afraid I may not make the connecting flight, he said he can’t do anything and for me to go to the transfer counter when I land. 

I ran to the counter as soon as we landed, there were 3 ladies and a huge que as it was only 1 staff member dealing with the customer. I explained to her my situation, she didn’t empathise or give me any attention, she said you can take the flight tomorrow. I even offered to go via india (and pay the additional amount) so we could go to my mums funeral. I asked to speak to the manager, and she said I have to wait 3 hours to talk to him. So I waited 3 hours, 2 guys came to the counter, no-one introduced me to him but I heard someone say thats the manager and I approached him, the manager also didn’t care and said it’s not my job to deal with this and no care for missing the funeral because it was ‘my emergency’. 

The airline provided us with a shuttle to/from hotel, they never came. the hotel said it’s not our problem and to call malaysian airlines. The 6 guests had to call a taxi (which malaysian airline didnt reimburse for) to get to the airport. 

When I went to check in again, the airline said they dont know where the baggage is. the counter manager said check into your flightn and I’ll make sure your baggage is put in. This flight was also 2 hours delayed departing.

After I got to sri lanka, I waited 2 hours to find my bag. It never arrived. it was lost in malaysia. The staff took my details and said they’ll deliver the bag….they never asked how im going to survive without my clohtes. didn’t offer anything to cover until my baggage arrived. No phone calls, no contact. after 3 days of me trying to get in touch with them i was successful and the bag was delivered.

this is really bad customer service. We will not be flying with malaysian airlines who seem to just care about the money and not the customers. The workers have forgotten that customers have many choices and poor service means they wont have a job to go to. 

very disappointed. I’d like this to be escalated and a phone call to discuss this matter, as I paid over $60** for this. 


Roy Dharmapala