Druk Air Bumthang Office

Bathpalathang International Airport, HP6W+XP8, Jakar, Bhutan

24x7 +975 17 75 35 86



Note: This not airlines official number +1-844-234-6014. It may connect you with travel agency.

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Drukair Corporation Limited, known as Drukair — Royal Bhutan Airlines, proudly serves as the national airline of the Kingdom of Bhutan. With its headquarters nestled in the picturesque western dzongkhag of Paro, this distinguished carrier embodies the essence of Bhutanese hospitality and grace. The airline efficiently operates a humble yet well-organized network of scheduled flights, catering to the South Asian and Southeast Asian regions. This article provides detailed information on the Druk Air Bumthang office, including its address, contact details, phone number, and ticket booking process. Continue reading to gain further insights.

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For all travel-related needs, including booking Druk Air flights from Bangladesh, direct contact with them is available. To proceed further, it is essential to have information regarding the Druk Air Bumthang Office Address or contact information. In order to facilitate a comprehensive discussion, let us begin by providing an overview of the various offices of Druk Air Bumthang Office in this article.

Druk Air Bumthang Office Contact Information

One of the airline’s headquarters is located in the Druk Air reservation office in Bumthang. A committed group of knowledgeable specialists work for the airline and are on hand to help you with any questions or problems you might experience. Please refer to the table below for the airline’s contact details, including the Druk Air Bumthang office phone numbers, address, airport information, etc.

Druk Air Bumthang Office AddressBathpalathang International Airport, HP6W+XP8, Jakar, Bhutan.
Druk Air Bumthang Office Working HoursMon to Fri: 9 AM to 8 PM Sat, Sun & Public Holiday: 10 AM to 01 PM
Druk Air Bumthang Office Contact Number+1-844-234-6014 or +975 17 75 35 86
Druk Air Bumthang Airport Office Phone Number +975 17 75 35 86
Druk Air Headquarters’ AddressParo, Bhutan
Druk Air Official Websitehttps://www.drukair.com.bt/
Druk Air Online Check-inhttps://www.drukair.com.bt/Promo-and-Offers/online-check-in
Druk Air Facebook Supporthttps://www.facebook.com/Drukair/
Druk Air Instagram Supporthttps://www.instagram.com/drukair_royalbhutanairlines
Druk Air Twitter Supporthttps://twitter.com/Drukair

Services Offered at the Druk Air Bumthang Office

You may anticipate support from a group of qualified experts committed to offering solutions for your travel needs and associated issues when you visit the Druk Air Office in Bumthang. The services provided by the airline’s Bumthang Office include some of the following:

  • Check-In

Druk Air Check-In Policy

Counter Check-InThe check-in counter for international flights opens 3 hours before departure and closes 1 hour before departure. The check-in counter for domestic flights opens 2 hours before departure and closes 30 minutes before departure.
Online Check-InTo complete the online check-in process and drop off your baggage, it is necessary to collect the standard boarding pass and baggage tags from the designated counter.The e-Boarding Pass will include your designated airport arrival time.
Check-In TimeThe check-in process begins 90 minutes before the scheduled departure time and ends 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Please note that all guests are kindly requested to check in at the Druk Air counters at least 90 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
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One can follow these steps for a smooth check-in process:-

  1. You can use Google Maps or the provided address to find the Druk Air office in Bumthang. When you get to the Druk Air office, head straight for the check-in desk to start the essential flight preparations.
  2. Please enter your booking reference or ticket number, together with the essential flight information, in order to receive assistance from Druk Air.
  3. When you locate your reservation, kindly include your seating preferences and any other needs.
  4. The staff will assign a seat depending on availability if the person hasn’t made a choice. 
  5. Before giving you a boarding pass, the agent will carefully inspect and classify your luggage if a baggage check is required.
  6. You’ll have an easier time planning your trip after checking in because the airline will provide you with a confirmation and boarding card.
  • Flight Bookings

Druk Air Flight Booking Policy

Passengers are strongly advised to reconfirm their flights at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure. Flight reconfirmation is a crucial step to take in the event of any modifications to your flight itinerary. You have two options to contact the airline regarding your tickets: either by email or by directly calling your sales agent. Alternatively, you can reach us through our toll-free number 1300 (within Bhutan).

Druk Air Bumthang Office, Druk Air Bumthang Office Address, Druk Air Bumthang Airport Office, Druk Air Bumthang Office Phone Number, Druk Air Bumthang Airport Office Address, Druk Air Bumthang Office Phone Number, Druk Air Bumthang Office Email Address, Druk Air Airport Office

One can follow these steps for a smooth Flight Booking process:-

  1. For your convenience, we recommend visiting the Druk Air office located at the airport. The airline’s team of experienced agents is available to assist you with any inquiries you may have regarding flight reservations. Kindly submit a comprehensive travel itinerary for assessment purposes.
  2. Druk Air’s agent will customize the dates and options according to your preferences. Select a flight from the options provided by the agent.
  3. When a passenger selects a flight, the agent will ask for their name, passport details, and payment information to complete the booking.
  4. Airlines offer a number of payment options, including cash, credit cards, and debit cards, to make the process of purchasing tickets simpler. 
  5. The airline provides both traditional and digital ticketing options. Soon after making your payment, you should get the ticket format. 
  6. To ensure accuracy and your reservation, it is advisable to confirm with an airline representative.
  • Flight Change

Druk Air Flight Change Policy

You won’t be charged extra fees if you modify the date of your trip at least four days before it is due to leave. You will be charged a fee of USD 20 (twenty) if you modify the date of your trip to fewer than three days before it is scheduled to depart.

Druk Air Bumthang Office, Druk Air Bumthang Office Address, Druk Air Bumthang Airport Office, Druk Air Bumthang Office Phone Number, Druk Air Bumthang Airport Office Address, Druk Air Bumthang Office Phone Number, Druk Air Bumthang Office Email Address, Druk Air Airport Office

One can follow these steps for a smooth Flight Change process:-

  1. Changing your travel itinerary may be done quickly and easily by getting in touch with a Druk Air employee. This will remove any unnecessary stress from the process.
  2. Please specify either the booking reference or the ticket number that is associated with your reservation in order to read the information pertaining to your reservation.
  3. The airline staff would appreciate it if you could specify either the date or the place of your planned departure.
  4. After you have made your choice, the person who has been allocated to you will offer advice and support while you are going through the rebooking process.
  5. Your request will be evaluated by the representative of the airline, and you will be given information regarding the many choices for making changes.
  6. Customers who fly with Druk Air are updated as quickly as possible on any changes to their tickets or price variations. 
  7. Immediately make a payment to cover the balance. 
  8. After you have made a request to alter your flight, a representative from Druk Air will provide you with a new confirmation document that includes all of the relevant updated information. Please check the flight schedule to see if there have been any recent changes. 
  • Flight Upgrade

Druk Air Flight Upgrade Policy

It is indeed possible to upgrade to business class at the airport, provided that there are vacant seats available. The upgrade cost from Paro is $70, but availability is subject to seat availability at the time of payment.

One can follow these steps for a smooth Flight Upgrade process:-

  1. The Druk Air office in Bumthang is situated at Bathpalathang International Airport. You can utilize either Google Maps or the provided table to locate it.
  2. For the best flight booking experience, it is recommended to contact a Druk Air office staff or an authorized airline representative. To enhance your travel experience, kindly inform the airline about your preferences. The airline’s experienced team is ready to assist you.
  3. To enhance the airline’s service to you, please provide your booking reference.
  4. Airlines may offer the option to upgrade to a higher level of service, depending on availability.
  5. The eligibility for an upgrade will be determined by the staff, considering factors such as upgrade cost, seat availability, and flight frequency.
  6. If the airline has any available premium upgrades, their representative will provide them to you.
  7. Once you have completed the ticket payment process, the airline will offer you an upgrade to a more comfortable seat.
  • Flight Cancellation

Druk Air Flight-Cancellation Policy

Tickets that are cancelled at least 30 days before the first day of travel are eligible for a 90% refund. Tickets that are cancelled between 10 and 29 days prior to the scheduled departure date are eligible for a 75% refund. If a ticket is cancelled between 4 and 9 days before the initial departure date, a 50% refund is offered. Within a three-day window, refunds are not permitted.

One can follow these steps for a smooth Flight Cancellation process:-

  1. For a customised and engaging experience, it is strongly advised to arrange an in-person meeting at the Druk Air office. By utilising this feature, you will have the opportunity to receive personalised support and enhance your comprehension of the services we offer. Kindly inform the airline staff about the cancellation of your reservation and briefly explain the reason for the flight termination.
  2. To facilitate easy access for airline representatives to your reservation, kindly share the booking reference or ticket number associated with your booking. 
  3. The Druk Air representative will provide customers with necessary information regarding the cancellation policy, offering assistance and support as required. their team will perform a comprehensive analysis of the relevant charges and potential reimbursements associated with your reservation.
  4. Cancellation fees are determined according to the fare policies or service category selected by the customer.
  5. Upon successfully completing the cancellation process, you will be sent an email confirmation as evidence that your request has been processed.

How to Contact Druk Air Bumthang Office?

It is advised to go to Druk Air’s official website to get their contact information. Please visit the “Contact Us” area of the airline’s official website to obtain the precise information you require. The airline offers round-the-clock customer service to respond to questions and complaints from customers in a timely and effective manner. A trustworthy list of ways to contact airlines is provided in the table below.

  • Phone Call- Contact the Druk Air Bumthang Office’s customer support team if you want to work with qualified experts. Getting in touch with them ensures timely communication and knowledgeable flying advice. Contacting them is possible by dialing +975 17 75 35 86. For all of your travel requirements, the airline’s Bumthang office team of knowledgeable travel consultants is here to offer support and direction.
  • Visiting the Office- Both online and airport ticket purchases are possibilities. With these techniques, customers have flexibility. From the comfort of their homes, people can easily search for and buy tickets online. In contrast, knowledgeable staff are on hand at airport ticket counters to help customers with their ticketing requirements. Travelers have access to both online and airport ticket counters at Bathpalathang International Airport alternatives. Careful planning is essential for questions relating to travel. To reserve a flight, you must include the cities of departure and arrival, the dates of travel, and the number of passengers.
  • By Mail- To contact the Druk Air office in Bumthang, you can send an email to enquiry@drukair.com.bt. If you have any inquiries regarding airlines, ticketing, or other related services, the knowledgeable professionals at Druk Air are available to assist you. If you have any inquiries regarding reservations, refunds, or other travel-related matters, kindly send an email to Druk Air’s customer care department.
  • Social Media- 

What Additional Services Does the Druk Air Bumthang Office Offer?

When you visit the Druk Air office in Bumthang, you can count on receiving support from a group of experienced experts. The airline’s Dhakka office staff is committed to providing complete solutions for all of your travel requirements and associated duties. They provide a variety of additional services in addition to their standard services to improve what they have to offer. There are a number of extra services offered, including the following:

  • Pet Travel: Drukair allows dogs and cats to travel as checked baggage, provided that the total weight of the pet and carrier does not exceed 132 lbs (60 kg). Drukair requires animals to be a minimum of 8 weeks old for travel. Fido may be denied entry on the departure date if they exhibit signs of being malodorous, aggressive, or unwell.
  • Special Assistance: The airline is dedicated to giving its customers a convenient and comfortable experience. Druk Air is committed to offering great support to every client, including unaccompanied kids and clients with impairments. They place a high priority on providing them with the undivided attention, respect, and care they are due. Even amid lengthy tarmac delays, the airline corporation makes sure to accommodate customers with special needs and impairments as stipulated in their regulations and procedures.
Customers with disabilitiesDrukair provides extensive airport assistance to those that require it. This includes check-in, security screening, and boarding. Service requests may need notice. This warning helps plan safe and enjoyable travel. Their travel information and travel tips section has more information on Special Service Requirements. The flight crew will prioritize disabled and special-needs passengers during extended tarmac delays. 
Customers with food restrictionsThe airline provides a diverse range of special meals to accommodate various dietary needs. To ensure a special meal is provided during your flight, kindly inform the airline at the time of booking. To ensure that your dietary needs are met, it is recommended to contact the office at least 72 hours prior to your departure.Passengers can now enjoy the unique flavors of Bhutanese cuisine by pre-ordering a special meal before their flight with Druk Air.
  • Baggage services and inquiries: To ensure easy identification, it is important to label all baggage both on the inside and outside with your name, address, and telephone number.
    • Drukair offers name labels at their offices and check-in counters.
    • It is important to secure your baggage by locking it to avoid any instances of it accidentally opening.
    • The Carrier is not responsible for any loss, damage, or delay in delivering fragile or perishable items, such as money, jewellery, silverware, negotiable papers, securities, valuables, business documents, samples, medicines, or drugs that are included in the passenger’s baggage, regardless of whether the carrier was aware of their presence.
    • All Airline Members of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) must adhere to the following baggage regulations.
  • Group Booking: A minimum of 10 persons must be flying on the same trip in order to make a group reservation. Individual prices and group rates may differ slightly, however, group bookings offer more flexibility in terms of payment methods and name reporting.
  • Unaccompanied Minor Travel
    • The Unaccompanied Minors service is available to kids between the ages of 5 and 12 who are flying alone, per Drukair rules. As long as they have paid the full adult fare on their ticket, they are eligible for this service. Please be aware that children under the age of five cannot use our Unaccompanied Minors service.
    • Passengers aged 12 and above are classified as adults for fare purposes. Passengers aged 12 to 17 cannot accompany Unaccompanied Minors unless there is an adult passenger aged 18 or above present. In these situations, when both passengers are unaccompanied minors, the adult fare will apply to both individuals.
    • When allowing your child to travel alone as an unaccompanied minor, it is crucial to prioritize their safety by taking all necessary precautions, as per Druk Air’s policy.
  • Lost and Found:
    • Drukair-tracked airplane goods only.
    • Drukair is helping passengers find misplaced belongings. Drukair cannot be held accountable for service failures or missing merchandise.
    • Drukair does not ship missing things. Passengers must visit Paro International Airport and contact PBH Arrivals during working hours.
    • Drukair is not liable for damaged retrieved items.
    • Airport authorities must claim lost items from security, immigration, and duty-free stores.
    • Drukair keeps found goods for 90 days. PBH Arrivals holds these. After this, claims will be ignored.
  • Coverage against personal liabilities: The carrier is only responsible for any damages that occur on its own lines. 

Promotions, Offers, and Loyalty Programs

HappinesSMiles is Drukair’s loyalty program, created to reward loyal customers who enjoy flying with the airline. Experience the numerous benefits of choosing Drukair for your air travel needs and delve into the exclusive advantages offered by HappinesSMiles.

Program participants have the opportunity to earn miles based on the distance traveled with Drukair and the class of service chosen. Accumulated miles can be exchanged for Award Flights, Airport Award Upgrades, and additional perks as you progress through higher membership levels.

Upon successful enrollment, each member will be issued an e-membership card. This card will also be provided when a member is upgraded or downgraded to a different membership tier, or when they are reassigned to the Gold/Platinum tier. The e-membership card will display the new tier validity period. 

Members will receive a physical membership card during specific events, but only if they have reached the Silver tier.

  • Members will get an actual Gold membership card after upgrading, downgrading, or being reassigned to the Gold Membership Tier.
  • Members will receive a physical Platinum membership card upon upgrading, downgrading, or re-assignment to the Platinum Membership Tier.

Established in 1981, Bhutan’s national airline began operating in 1983, offering flights from Kolkata to Paro using Dornier Do 228 aircraft. This expansion came after the country’s leader, Druk Gyalpo Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, started to open up Bhutan to the outside world in the 1970s. 

To ensure a successful journey, you can easily get in touch with the airline by contacting the Druk Air Bumthang Office through their address or phone number. You may also find assistance in the website’s comment section.

FAQs on Druk Air Bumthang Office

Druk Air Bumthang Office Address is Bathpalathang International Airport, HP6W+XP8, Jakar, Bhutan.

Druk Air Bumthang Office provides all the above-mentioned services.

Druk Air Bumthang Office can be reachable via phone, email, or in person. 

Druk Air Bumthang Office hours are from Monday to Friday: 9 AM 8 PM Sat, Sun & Public Holiday: 10 AM 01 PM.

Yes, you can book a Flight with the Druk Air Bumthang office.

Druk Air flies from Bumthang to multiple destinations, one can search more on the airline’s website or visit their office in Bumthang.

Druk Air Bumthang Baggage Office allows Business ‘J/C’- 40 kgs and for Economy ‘Y/S’- 30 kgs.

Yes, you can change or cancel my flight booked through Druk Air Bumthang Office

Yes, Druk Air Bumthang Office offers special services for passengers with disabilities.

To access flight information, simply log in to the airline’s PNR Status. All relevant details will be displayed on your screen.

Yes, HappinesSMiles is the name of Drukair’s loyalty program.

Acceptable credit cards include Visa, Master Cards, and International credit card at the Druk Air Bumthang Office.

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