Batik Air Taipei Office

11F-5, No.142, Sec. 3, Minquan E. Rd, Songshan Dist, Taipei, Taiwan

24x7 +886 2 8770-5008


Note: This not airlines official number +1-844-234-6014. It may connect you with travel agency.

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Batik Air Indonesia, also known as Batik Air, is a scheduled airline based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It operates from Soekarno Hatta International Airport. Are you planning to travel from Kuala Lumpur, Taipei with Batik Air? It is important to have easy access to the contact information for Batik Air Taipei Office addresses. 

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It is critical to comprehend how to make, change, and cancel flight reservations with Batik Air. For effective communication and efficient corporate operations, current contact information is crucial. Use this detailed guide to learn important details about the Batik Air Office in Taipei.

Batik Air Taipei Office Contact Information

Batik Air offers comprehensive and efficient support for all your flight-related needs. The airline’s knowledgeable aviation team is available to assist you with reservations, cancellations, refunds, baggage policies, check-in procedures, and group booking discounts. Travellers can rely on them for prompt and reliable assistance for any concerns they may have.

Furthermore, you will be provided with detailed and extensive information regarding the airline’s range of products and services. Find the contact details for Batik Air Taipei Office Phone Numbers and Batik Air Taipei Office Address below for your convenience.

Batik Air Taipei Office Address11F-5, No.142, Sec. 3, Minquan E. Rd, Songshan Dist, Taipei, Taiwan
Batik Air Taipei Office Working Hours10:00 am – 10:00 pm daily. Closed on Weekend and Public Holidays
Batik Air Kuala Lumpur City Sales and Ticketing Office Contact Number+1-844-234-6014 or +886 2 8770-5008 (Customer Care Centre, 8:00 am – 10:00 pm daily)
Batik Air Headquarters’ AddressJakarta, Indonesia
Batik Air Official Website
Batik Air Online Check-in
Batik Air Manage Booking
Batik Air Facebook Support
Batik Air YouTube Support
Batik Air Instagram Support
Batik Air Twitter Support

Services Offered at the Batik Air Taipei Office

Tourists planning a trip to Taipei can find reliable guidance and support at the Batik Air Taipei booking office. With their expertise, visitors can enjoy a hassle-free vacation experience. 

The dedicated team at Batik Air Kuala Lumpur Taipei Office is readily accessible to assist you with inquiries regarding travel bookings, flight cancellations, refund procedures, promotional opportunities, and other related matters. You can trust them to provide the necessary assistance. Please examine the range of services offered in the following categories.

Batik Air Check-in Policy

For those who are unfamiliar with counter check-in or online check-in, it is recommended to arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to departure. The check-in process for domestic flights concludes 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time, while for international flights, it concludes 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time as per Batik Air check-in policy.

Batik Air Taipei Office, Batik Air Taipei Office Contact, Batik Air Taipei Ticketing Office, Batik Air Taipei Airport Office, Batik Air Taipei Baggage Office, How to Contact Batik Air Taipei Office, Batik Air headquarters

One can follow these steps for a smooth check-in process:-

  1. To locate the Batik Air office in Taipei, you have two options. Firstly, you can utilize Google Maps, a widely-used online mapping service, to easily navigate to the office. Alternatively, you can make use of the provided address to find the Batik Air office in Taipei. Upon reaching the Batik Air office, proceed directly to the check-in desk to initiate the essential flight arrangements.
  2. To receive assistance from Batik Air, please provide your booking reference or ticket number along with the relevant flight details.
  3. When locating your reservation, kindly provide your seating preferences and any additional requirements.
  4. Staff will assign unassigned seats based on availability. 
  5. Before issuing a boarding pass, a baggage check agent will carefully scrutinize and categorize your bags.
  6. Checking in ensures a successful journey. After check-in, travelers receive a confirmation and boarding pass. You can board the airplane after verifying your reservation. These documents let you confidently book your flight and guarantee a seat.

Batik Air Flight Booking Policy

Passengers are strongly advised to book their flights at least three days in advance. Make careful to quickly confirm your travel plans if there have been any changes to your flight schedule. You can phone your sales agent directly or send the airline an email to ask questions about your tickets. There are two alternatives available for you to choose from.

Batik Air Taipei Office, Batik Air Taipei Office Contact, Batik Air Taipei Ticketing Office, Batik Air Taipei Airport Office, Batik Air Taipei Baggage Office, How to Contact Batik Air Taipei Office, Batik Air headquarters

One can follow these steps for a smooth Flight Booking process:-

  1. For added convenience, it is suggested to visit the Batik Air airport office. The airline’s experienced customer service representatives are readily available to offer quick and helpful support, addressing any questions or concerns you may have about your travel arrangements. Kindly share the details of your upcoming trip so that they can create a detailed itinerary for you.
  2. The Batik Air representative will handle any required modifications to the dates and options. Kindly choose a flight from the available options presented by the agent.
  3. Passengers must furnish their complete name, passport particulars, and payment details to the travel agency when making a flight reservation.
  4. To make the process of purchasing plane tickets as easy as possible, airlines frequently accept a variety of payment options, including cash, credit cards, and debit cards. 
  5. The airline offers customers the option of buying tickets in traditional or digital formats. After your payment has been successfully processed, you will afterward get an email with the format of the ticket. 
  6. You are highly advised to speak with an airline agent to confirm your reservation. This will ensure that the details of your reservation are correct.

Batik Air Flight Change Policy

To make changes to your flight, go to the Manage Booking page and enter your booking number and last name. This feature makes it easy for users to view and change their bookings. You can change your reservation by changing the airport where you are leaving from or arriving, the date of your trip, and the time.

The website or mobile app makes it easy for users to change or cancel their bookings. By completing your reservations, you agree to follow the tariff rules and other terms and restrictions in the section below called “General Restrictions for Carriage of Passenger and Baggage.”

One can follow these steps for a smooth Flight Change process:-

  1. To conveniently modify your travel plans, simply get in touch with a representative from Batik Air. This will help reduce unnecessary stress throughout the process.
  2. To view the specifics of your reservation, please provide the booking reference or ticket number linked to your booking.
  3. To assist the airline staff, kindly provide either the date or location of your planned departure. This will facilitate their service.
  4. After choosing your desired option, the designated person will offer support and help during the process of rescheduling.
  5. The airline representative will evaluate your request and offer information regarding the different options for making changes.
  6. Batik Air prioritises effective communication with customers, promptly providing updates on ticket modifications and pricing changes. 
  7. Kindly make prompt payment to fully settle the outstanding balance. 
  8. When you submit a request to change your flight with Batik Air, you can expect to receive a new confirmation document promptly. This document will include all the updated details related to your altered flight. Please verify the flight schedule for any recent updates. 

Batik Air Flight Upgrade Policy

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  1. The Last Minute Upgrade (LMU) is a convenient service offered to passengers who wish to upgrade from Economy to Business class shortly before their flight at the airport.
  2. The Last Minute Upgrade offers various additional benefits and facilities, which are outlined below: 
    • Sit in the Business section (first row, more spacious seats).        
    • Priority for boarding.        
    • checked luggage with priority.        
    • Free Baggage Increases to 30 kg. 
  1. The following provisions outline the last-minute upgrade options:
    • Passengers are only able to complete this task at the airport, specifically within a timeframe of four hours prior to their scheduled departure. 
    • The Importance of Last Minute Decision-Making in Time-Sensitive Situations Implement fare adjustments in accordance with the established system. 
    • The upgrade fee will not be refunded or credited if the ticket is exchanged or refunded. 
    • The exchange and refund policies for the VCR class will be implemented.
    • Lack of Availability of Business-Class Meals.

One can follow these steps for a smooth Flight Upgrade process:-

  1. For a smooth flight booking experience, it is recommended to contact a Batik Air office staff or an authorised representative of the airline. To enhance your travel experience, it is recommended to inform the airline about your specific preferences. The airline’s highly trained staff is always ready to offer you exceptional assistance.
  2. To improve the airline’s service quality, please provide them with your booking reference.
  3. Airlines frequently provide the opportunity for passengers to upgrade their service level, subject to availability.
  4. The airline determines eligibility by considering various factors such as the upgrade cost, seat availability, and flight frequency.
  5. If premium upgrades are available, the airline representative will offer them to you.
  6. Upon completing your ticket purchase, the airline may present you with the option to upgrade to a seat that offers enhanced spaciousness and comfort.

Batik Air Flight Cancellation Policy

As per Batik Air cancellation policy, if the cancellation is requested within 24 hours no charges will be incurred. However, if passengers fail to cancel their tickets within this period, they still have the option to cancel up to 1 hour before the scheduled departure of their Batik Air flight. In such cases, a small cancellation fee will be applied by the airline. 

One can follow these steps for a smooth Flight Cancellation process:-

  1. Make a face-to-face appointment at the Batik Air office for a more individualized and interactive experience. Users can obtain customized assistance to improve their understanding of our offerings by utilizing this option. Please advise the airline staff that you have canceled your reservation and provide a brief justification for doing so.
  2. Enter the booking reference or ticket number linked with your booking so airline representatives may easily retrieve your reservation. 
  3. Customers must be informed of the airline’s cancellation policy and must receive the appropriate help and support from the Batik Air representative. The airline’s staff will carefully review all fees and refunds associated with your reservation.
  4. The fare policies or service category the consumer chooses will affect the cancellation fees.
  5. You will get an email confirmation when the cancellation is successful as proof that your request was handled.

How to Contact Batik Air Taipei Office?

Contacting the Batik Air Taipei Baggage Office is a convenient and hassle-free way to obtain information and assistance regarding your baggage. There are various methods available for contacting them, such as face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and email communication. Please refer to the following pointers for additional details.

  • Phone Call- It is simple and quick to contact Batik Air in Taipei. You can reach the Batik Air Taipei Office by calling +886 2 8770-5008. To help with any inquiries or issues regarding flights, their customer support team is available around the clock. For timely and dependable assistance with your trip plans, give them a call.
  • Visiting the Office– When visiting Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, you have the option to visit the Batik Air Taipei Office for any inquiries or assistance. The office is situated in Kuala Lumpur, Taipei at 11F-5, No.142, Sec. 3, Minquan E. Rd, Songshan Dist, Taipei, Taiwan.
  • By Email– Email the Batik Air Taipei Office at with any inquiries or for assistance. Their dedicated crew is available to assist you if you have any concerns or require any extra details regarding flights, tickets, or other services. Customers can quickly email Batik Air to make reservations, ask for refunds, or ask any other travel-related questions.
  • Social Media-
LINKEDINPT Batik Air Indonesia

What Additional Services Does the Batik Air Taipei Office Offer?

Discover the outstanding services and distinctive features offered by Batik Air. In addition to their exceptional standard services, this company also provides convenient pet transportation and access to luxurious lounges, demonstrating their commitment to exceeding customer expectations. For a comprehensive understanding of the services provided by Batik Air, it is advisable to visit the Batik Air Taipei baggage office.

Pet Travel

Unfortunately, pets are not permitted to fly on Batik Air flights.

Unaccompanied minor travel

Batik Air defines an unaccompanied minor as a child between the ages of 5 and 12 for domestic flights. For young passengers, the age range is extended to 13-16 years old. Children between the ages of 2 and 5 must be accompanied by an adult passenger who is 18 years of age or older.

Special needs/assistance
  1. Special Support: We provide specialized help and extra services for people with mobility and health concerns to make your trip less difficult.
  1. Expecting mothers: We are here to help, whether you are a pregnant woman or an adult traveling with a baby.
  1. Guide to Health and Medicine: Learn more here about traveling with a medical condition or assistance.
  1. Assisted Travel: Find out how to give your kids a more relaxing and joyful flight experience here.
Baggage Services and Inquiries
Batik Air Taipei Office, Batik Air Taipei Office Contact, Batik Air Taipei Ticketing Office, Batik Air Taipei Airport Office, Batik Air Taipei Baggage Office, How to Contact Batik Air Taipei Office, Batik Air headquarters
Cabin BaggageChecked Baggage
Business Class- Each person is permitted to bring (1) one item of cabin baggage, one laptop bag, or one handbag. The main cabin bag cannot be larger than 40 x 30 x 20 cm or heavier than 7kg.Free Baggage Allowance-Depending on the route, class of travel, and ticket terms and conditions, you may only check a certain quantity of baggage for free. Your free checked luggage allowance is based on weight (Weight System) for the majority of destinations. Additionally, single luggage does not weigh more than 30 kg.
Economy Class- Each person is permitted to bring (1) one item of cabin baggage, one laptop bag, or one handbag. The main cabin bag cannot be larger than 40 x 30 x 20 cm or heavier than 7kg.Domestic & International Flights-Business Class – 30kgEconomy Class – 20kg
Group Booking

Here are the terms and conditions if you want to book a group flight with Batik Air.

  1. Group reservations are submitted through the Head Office Sales Group. 
  2. Submissions can be made in person at the Lion Group Head Office or by email at or 
  3. There must be a minimum of ten (10) passengers. 
  4. No flight change is permitted for group travel. 
  5. An EMD deposit, which is a minimal payment of 50% of the entire ticket cost, secures a place in a reservation. 
  6. Based on the system, the maximum time restriction for deposits is defined.
  7. The Free Baggage Allowance policy is determined by specific conditions.    
  8. To qualify for a complimentary ticket, a minimum group booking of 40 passengers in sub-class N (November) must be submitted.    

Promotions, Offers, and Loyalty Programs

Batik Frequent Flyer (BFF) is a loyalty program developed by Batik Air to reward their loyal customers with a range of exclusive benefits. This program serves as an expression of appreciation from Batik Air towards their valued patrons.


Batik Air, an Indonesian scheduled airline, commenced operations in May 2013 with its inaugural flight from Jakarta to Manado. Batik Air is a full-service carrier that was established by Lion Air, its parent company. The airline commenced operations in May 2013, utilizing Boeing 737-900ER aircraft that were leased from Lion Air. Additionally, Batik Air offers frequent flights from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Taipei to various domestic and international destinations.

FAQs Related to Batik Air Taipei Office

Batik Air Taipei office address is 11F-5, No.142, Sec. 3, Minquan E. Rd, Songshan Dist, Taipei, Taiwan

Batik Air Taipei Office provides all the above-mentioned services.

Batik Air Taipei Office can be reached via phone, email, or in person. 

Batik Air Taipei hours are from 10:00 am – 10:00 pm daily.

Yes, you can book a flight with the Batik Air Taipei Office.

Batik Air flies from Taipei to multiple destinations, one can search more on the airline’s website or visit their office in Taipei.

The weight of the baggage should not exceed 20kg. Business class passengers are entitled to one complimentary checked baggage item. The weight of the baggage should not exceed 30kg. 

Yes, you can change or cancel my flight booked through Batik Air Taipei Office

Yes, Batik Air Taipei Office offers special services for passengers with disabilities.

To access flight information, simply login to the airline’s PNR Status. All relevant details will be displayed on your screen.

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