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Regarded as India’s national flag carrier, Air India is also the largest international carrier in the country with an 18.6% market share in hand. It commands a huge fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft serving over 102 destinations worldwide. If you are planning a trip to any particular destination with Air India soon, our guide on Air India baggage policy could just come in handy for you. It explains all types of baggage policies of the airline in layman’s terms to make your travel hassle-free and unforgettable. 

So let’s check out the guide right here: 

 Air India Carry-On Baggage Policy

Travelling with Air India soon? You should know the following from the Air India express hand baggage policy like the back of your hand:

  • 1 carry-on baggage FREE
  • 1 personal item such as a handbag, briefcase, laptop, camera, etc. (FREE) but it should not weigh more than 4 kg.
  • Your item should measure 22 x 16 x 8 inches.
  • The total weight of the luggage must be up to 8 kg.

And when it comes to the Air India domestic baggage policy and Air India international baggage policy for carry-on baggage, you are permitted to keep one bag along with one personal item while travelling. In addition to this, the baggage should easily fit under the front seat or in the overhead bin. You must also be able to lift your baggage to the ‘overhead storage’ without any support or help. Simply put, all carry-on bags should be of the dimensions mentioned.

Free Personal Items Allowed in Air India Flights

Along with one cabin package or baggage, you can carry one of the following also depending on Air India’s Security Rules and Regulations:

  • Handbag
  • Laptop
  • Camera
  • Reading material
  • A wrap or overcoat
  • Blanket
  • A pair of crutches or a collapsible wheelchair
  • Feed of the infant
  • A walking stick
  • Medicines
  • An umbrella

Checked Air India Baggage Policy

In addition to carry-on baggage, you should also understand the checked Air India baggage policy for international flights and Air India domestic flight baggage policy. So, look at the following to understand the same:

  • Checked baggage FREE
  • 1 personal item FREE along with carry-on baggage
  • The overall dimension of the baggage should be within 204cm
  • The checked baggage should not weigh more

To learn more about the Air India baggage policy, call the airline, visit its official website, or simply get in touch for the right assistance and proper guidance.

Restrictions of Air India Baggage Policy

Unlike any other policy, Air India’s baggage policy also comes with certain restrictions. And to avoid unnecessary hassles later, you should know everything about these. So, just take a close look at the following to learn more:

Banned Items by Air India

We have tabulated the items that are not allowed to be carried as cabin baggage or the registered baggage when traveling. Take a look:

ParticularItems Banned or Restricted
Personal ItemsScissors with pointed tips
Replicas of toy weapons that look realistic
Sharp ObjectsIce axes
Ice picks
Box cutters
Knives (except for plastic cutlery, butter, and round-bladed knives)
Razor-type blades
Meat cleavers
Utility knives (excluding sabers, sword, and safety razors)
Sporting GoodsBows and arrows
Baseball bats
Golf clubs
Cricket bats
Hockey sticks
Lacrosse Sticks
Pool Cues
Ski Poles
Spear Guns
Firearms and GunsCompressed air guns
BB guns
Pellet guns
Starter pistols
Parts of firearms and guns
Realistic replicas of guns and firearms
Restricted ToolsCattle prods
Hatchets and axes
Pliers and wrenches
Liquid Restrictions (exceeding 100 ml)Gels
Suntan lotions
Hair gels
Hair sprays

However, you can carry baby food, inhalers, and medicines accompanied by the physician’s prescriptions. And you must keep all these items in a clear, transparent, and re-sealable bag. You must note down that this will also be subjected to security checks and prescribed screening. To keep unwanted hassles at bay, it is suggested to connect with the airline to understand the Air India baggage policy clearly.

Air India Excess Baggage Policy

As per the Air India extra baggage policy, every extra baggage will be charged 1.5% per kilo of the highest one-way (normal and direct) economy class fare. Call on the Air India baggage allowance customer service number to have a clear picture of this policy.

Air India Infant Baggage Policy

It is yet another important aspect of Air India express baggage policy you should know about. Infants in all classes – economy, business, and first class would be eligible to carry one baggage of up to 10 kg. They will also be entitled to one stroller (collapsible), infant car seat, or carrycot. 

Air India Express Baggage Policy for Domestic Flights

Being one of the most popular and highly trusted airlines in India, Air India provides its passengers with everything possible that is needed to make their journey smooth and hassle-free. Look at the following to know cabin-class-wise baggage allowance:

Air India Cabin-ClassAir India Baggage Allowance (Maximum)
Economy Class25 kg
Business Class35 kg
First Class40 kg
Air India Infant Baggage Policy (for all classes)10 kg

Travelling from Saudi Arabia to India Baggage Policy

Journey OriginDestinationEconomy ClassExecutive Class
IndiaRiyadh30 Kgs40 Kgs
RiyadhIndia40 Kgs50 Kgs
RiyadhKochi / Thiruvananthapuram50 Kgs55 Kgs
RiyadhMumbai / Delhi45 Kgs55 Kgs
IndiaDammam30 Kgs40 Kgs
DammamIndia40 Kgs50 Kgs
IndiaJeddah40 Kgs50 Kgs
JeddahKochi/ Hyderabad (Return travel)45 Kgs50 Kgs
JeddahMumbai/Delhi ( Return travel)40 Kgs50 Kgs
JeddahMumbai/Delhi ( Oneway travel)40 Kgs50 Kgs
JeddahKochi/ Hyderabad (Oneway travel)45 Kgs50 Kgs

Travelling India to Gulf and Middle East Baggage Policy

Journey OriginDestinationEconomy ClassExecutive Class
BahrainFar East & South East Asia /SAARC30 Kg40 Kg
BahrainEurope / UK /TelAviv/USA2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32Kgs Each
MuscatFar East & South East Asia /SAARC30 Kg40 Kg
MuscatEurope / UK / USA2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32Kgs Each
KuwaitFar East & South East Asia30 Kg40 Kg
Dubai/Sharjah/ AbudhabiFar East & South East Asia /SAARC30 Kg40 Kg
Dubai/Sharjah/ AbudhabiEurope /UK/ USA2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32Kgs Each
NajafIndia30 KGS40 KGS
BahrainIndia30 KGS40 KGS
AbudhabiMumbai40 KGS40 KGS
AbudhabiIndia30 KGS40 KGS
MuscatMumbai40 KGS50 KGS
MuscatIndia30 KGS40 KGS
40 KGS50 KGS
40 KGS50 KGS
KuwaitMumbai40 KGS50 KGS
KuwaitIndia30 KGS40 KGS
SharjahThiruvananthapuram/Chennai30 KGS40 KGS
SharjahKozhikode40 KGS50 KGS
DubaiIndore40 KGS50 KGS
DubaiKolkata40 KGS50 KGS
DubaiKozhikode40 KGS50 KGS
DubaiChennai/Hyderabad40 KGS50 KGS
DubaiMumbai40 KGS50 KGS
DubaiGoa/Delhi40 KGS50 KGS
DubaiBengaluru/Vishakapatnam40 KGS50 KGS
DubaiKochi40 KGS50 KGS
30 KGS40 KGS

India to Europe/UK/Israel Baggage Policy

Journey OriginDestinationEconomy ClassExecutive Class
IndiaEurope/UK/Israel2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32 Kgs Each
Europe/UK/IsraelIndia/SAARC/Australia/ Far East & South East Asia2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32 Kgs Each

South East Asia to Australia & Far East Baggage Policy

Journey OriginDestinationEconomy ClassExecutive Class
IndiaTokyo/Osaka2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32Kgs Each
IndiaShanghai20 Kg30 Kg
IndiaSeoul2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32Kgs Each
IndiaHongkong30 Kg40 Kg
IndiaSingapore30 Kg40 Kg
IndiaBangkok30 Kg40 Kg
IndiaBangkok40 Kg40 Kg
KolkataIndia30 Kg40 Kg
Tokyo/OsakaIndia2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32 Kgs Each
ShanghaiIndia20 Kg30 Kg
SeoulIndia2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32 Kgs Each
HongkongIndia30 Kg40 Kg
SingaporeIndia30 Kg40 Kg
BangkokIndia30 Kg40 Kg
BangkokIndia40 Kg40 Kg
SeoulHongkong25 Kg40 Kg
OsakaHongkong20 Kg30 Kg
HongkongSeoul/Osaka30 Kg40 Kg
Tokyo/OsakaEurope/UK/Tel Aviv/ USA/Middle East and Gulf/ SAARC2PC/23 Kgs Each2PC/32 Kgs Each
Australia/ Far East- South East AsiaEurope/ UK/TelAviv2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32 Kgs Each
Sydney/MelbourneMiddle East and Gulf/SAARC30 Kg40 Kg
Australia/ Far east South East AsiaNewYork/Chicago/ SanFrancisco/
2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32 Kgs Each
Australia/Hongkong/ Seoul/ Singapore/ BangkokMiddle East and Gulf /SAARC30 Kg40 Kg
ShanghaiMiddle East and Gulf/SAARC20 Kg30 Kg
IndiaAustralia30 Kg40 Kg

India to Africa Baggage Policy

Journey OriginDestinationEconomy ClassExecutive Class
IndiaNairobi2PC/23 Kgs Each2PC/32 Kgs Each
NairobiIndia2PC/23 Kgs Each2PC/32 Kgs Each

Air India Baggage Policy Useful Tips

We are listing down a few but very important tips with you so that you can avoid baggage fees applicable as per the Air India domestic flight baggage policy and Air India baggage policy for international flights:

Understand the Air India Baggage Policy

It is one of the best ways to plan your trip and save on the extra baggage fees. You should understand that the baggage fees are subject to change periodically and may vary, depending on your destination, number of bags, travel date, etc. No matter whether you have purchased an affordable ticket, you could easily end up paying more for the extra luggage. So, get in touch with us to understand the policy better.

Be a Smart Bag Packer

If possible, then try to stick to the free carry-on and personal item. And for this, you will need to minimize the number of belongings you are planning to take. So, be smart and pack your bags smartly.

Besides, these two points, you can also do the following to save a significant amount on your future trips with Air India:

  • Get the Air India Elite or Credit Card
  • Buy extra weight online
  • Choose lighter luggage to cut down the baggage allowance
  • Always use a luggage scale beforehand to check the overweight baggage, if any.

And for any other assistance or details like Air India Office, you can rely on us. Call us today or simply browse through our official website for more. 

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Can someone please brief me on Air India Baggage Policy. Whatever is given on site is not clear since you changed your norms due to pandemic.

2 years ago

The terms and conditions under the Air India Baggage Policy say that additional baggage will cost somewhere around INR 2500 but the weight is not mentioned. Please help

2 years ago

What are the extra free items that can be carried? Under Air India Baggage Policy nothing relating to this is mentioned.