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Hulu is your go-to video-streaming application for a variety of movies, series, documentaries, and TV shows. You can access it on your Phone, Television, Laptop, or any other device. To activate the Hulu account, you must visit the www.hulu.com/activate page and activate the streaming services. The process of activation can be a bit difficult without any guidance. 

However, if you go through this complete guide on how to use the Hulu activation code, renewing a subscription and managing your Hulu account will be easy as a pie. 

Let us start with the hulu.com/activate code and how to activate your Hulu account. 

Hulu.Com/Activate Code 

Hulu activation code is required to activate the Hulu application on your device. Hulu activation code can be generated from the hulu.com/activate page. After the activation process, if your account fails to continue working due to a technical glitch, your Hulu activation will automatically be canceled from their side as your TV must not be responding to the Hulu services. Once the technical glitch is fixed and the pairing between the device and server is done, you will be able to watch endless shows on your Hulu application. 

How to Activate Hulu App?

Here is a step-by-step guide that will teach you how to activate a Hulu app on a new device. 

Note(s): 1. If you want to activate the Hulu account on a device connected to a TV or on a smart TV, you will be asked to perform the steps via the ‘Activate the device Online’ option. 

www.Hulu.Com/Activate, Hulu.Com/Activate, Hulu.Com/Activate Code, How to Activate Hulu App, How to Register for Hulu Streaming Services, How to Activate Hulu Account, How to Add Channels On Hulu Application, How to Get Hulu Plus Trial Account
  • Open your device and start the Hulu app on it.
  • On the Welcome screen, you will see a ‘Log In’ option, choose it.
  • Hit the option of ‘Activate’ on your screen.
  • You will be presented with your Hulu Activation Code on the next screen. Copy it or nite it down for the next step.
  • If the ‘Account Page’ pops on your screen, click on it. Otherwise, go to the hulu.com/activate page by yourself. 
  • On the next screen, paste or enter the ‘Hulu Activation Code’ and wait until you are logged in. 

Now, after you apply the aforementioned steps and your Hulu app is activated you will receive an email message from Hulu services. The email message will include the following details: 

  1. Then? 

The type of device on which you have activated the Hulu application.

  1. Where?

The section will include the name of your city, state, and country where your Hulu account has been activated.

  1. When? 

The date and time when you activated Hulu some devices will be some devices that will not present the Hulu activation code. If your device is one of them, you can easily activate your Hulu application with the help of your correct login credentials. 

How to Register for Hulu Streaming Services?

If you are new to the Hulu streaming services and looking for the correct steps to register yourself, here you go:

  • Start your system and head to the ‘hulu.com/activate’ page via any internet browser. 
  • Locate the ‘Log In’ option and you will be asked to enter the Hulu email address and password. 
  • Skip the option and navigate towards the ‘Create account’ or ‘Register’ option.
  • When you click on it, you will be driven to a new page. Here, enter the required details one by one. 
  • After providing the required information, click on the ‘I Accept’ button. Read the ‘Terms & Conditions’ before checking the ‘Agree’ box. 
  • After this, you will arrive on the payment method page. Here, select a ‘Payment method’.
  • You will be asked to enter the Billing Information: 
    1. Billing Address 
    2. Contact Number 
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ button to apply the changes.

After a quick follow up on the aforementioned steps, your Hulu account has been successfully registered. 

How to Activate Hulu Account?

Follow the enlisted steps to activate your Hulu account and watch your favorite movies and shows anytime anywhere right on your device. 

Note(s): 1. Before applying the steps, keep your Hulu login activate credentials and activation code in handy. 

  • Your Hulu account has to be associated with the Hulu application on your device.
  • Press the ‘Start’ button of the TV remote and switch on your device.
  • Navigate towards the application installed on your Smart TV and find the ‘Hulu’ application on it. 
  • Open the Hulu app by clicking on the ‘Enter’ button. 
  • You must have already been logged in to your Hulu account. If not, provide the ‘Associated Email Address’ and ‘Password’ and sign in to it.
  • Once you are logged in, you will be asked to arrive on the http//:www.hulu.com/activate 
  • On your screen, you can see the ‘Hulu activation code’.
  • Go back to the www.hulu.com/activate page and enter the code you copied from the above step. 
  • Hit the button of the ‘Activate’ and refresh the screen of your Smart TV. 
  • Update your Hulu channel with the help of the on-screen instructions and complete the activation process. 

After applying the steps thoroughly as per mentioned in this section, your Hulu account will be successfully activated via the hulu.com/activate on the Smart TV. Looking for how to add channels on the Hulu app? Read below: 

How to Add Channels On Hulu Application

After following the step-by-step guide, adding your desired channels to your subscription will become easy and quick. 

www.Hulu.Com/Activate, Hulu.Com/Activate, Hulu.Com/Activate Code, How to Activate Hulu App, How to Register for Hulu Streaming Services, How to Activate Hulu Account, How to Add Channels On Hulu Application, How to Get Hulu Plus Trial Account
  • Open the Hulu account on the device you want to set the channels and sign in to your account by providing the email address and password. 
  • Navigate towards the ‘Settings’ gear and click on the ‘Account settings’. 
  • Drop down its options and select the option of ‘Add Channels’. 
  • The list of all the ‘Channels’ that will be presented on the screen, scroll through all the channels, and select as per your choice. 

To select, you can just check the box next to the name of the channels. 

  • At last, click on the ‘Accept’ button or ‘Save’ button as per your version and apply the changes. 

Note: In case you select channels more than your limit, provide the ‘Payment details’ and pay for the additional channels. 

After applying the aforementioned steps, the selected channels will be added to your Hulu account. 

How to Get Hulu Plus Trial Account?

Hulu Plus provides the users an option to use the Hulu streaming services for free on the 30 days trial period. Here is how you can enjoy all the streaming shows for thirty days for free:  

  • Start your system and visit the hulu.com/activate page via an internet browser. 
  • On the screen, you will see an option of ‘Start Your Free Trial’ and you will be taken to the ‘Choose Your Plan’ page.  
  • Below are the options you will be provided with their details: 
    1. Hulu – 30 days free trial and then pay $ 5.99 per month. 
    2. Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ – No free trial. Pay $ 12.99 per month (including 25% discount).
    3. Hulu with No Advertisement – 30 days free trial and then pay $ 11.99 per month.
    4. Hulu + Live TV – 7 days and pay $ 54.99 per month.
  • You will be driven to the ‘Create Your Account’ page. Now, enter the following details to proceed: 
    1. Email Address 
    2. Password 
    3. First and Last Name 
    4. Birthdate – Select the Month, Day, and Year
  • In the next tab, provide the ‘Home ZIP Code’. 
  • Then, select your Gender by given options. 
  • Click on the ‘Continue’ button and arrive on the ‘Add Your Billing Info’. 
  • Under the ‘Your Subscription’ tab, confirm your plan. In case you have selected the wrong plan mistakenly, you can change the plan by clicking the ‘Change’ option and choosing another plan. 
  • Scroll down and locate the ‘Payment Options’. Select one among the ‘PayPal’, ‘Credit Card’, and ‘Venmo’.
  • Enter the details as per the option you have selected in the prior step. 
  1. Credit Card

Step: Enter the ‘CARD NUMBER’ and move to the next tab.

Step: Provide the ‘CVC’ and ‘ZIP Code’ after selecting the ‘Month’ and ‘Date’ for the ‘EXPIRATION’. 

  1. PayPal

No additional information is required here. After the trial period is finished, the required amount for the Hulu activation will automatically be deducted. 

  1. Venmo

Step: Enter the ‘ZIP Code’. 

  • Check the box that reads “I would like to pause, rewind, and fast-forward Live TV, so I want Hulu to create temporary recordings.”
  • Finish the process of free hulu.com/activate for the trial period by clicking on the ‘Submit with Credit Card/ Paypal/ Venmo’. 

Once you finish applying the aforementioned steps, install a Hulu application on your device and perform the procedure of Hulu Login Activate with the help given code and enjoy the streaming services for free until the trial period is over.  

We hope this detailed guide has helped you throughout the activation process by using www.hulu.com/activate code. It is assumed that by the end of this article you have also learned how to subscribe to your Hulu streaming services, add channels, start a free trial, and other things. In case you are left with any doubt, call the Hulu Phone Number or leave a comment, and get an instant response. 

FAQs Related to www.Hulu.Com/Activate

To make sure that no Hulu user is left with any doubts about the Hulu login activation process, we are here with an FAQ section. Go through all the frequent questions and answer and clear your queries. In case, you did not find your question regarding how to manage a Hulu account, drop your queries in the comment section, and get an instant response.

Follow the enlisted steps and activate the Hulu Product Key:

  • Head to the Hulu.com/activate page to activate your product.
  • Minimise the browser and open the Hulu application on your mobile phone or system.
  • You will see the ‘Activate Hulu from computer’ option on your screen.
  • To get the ‘Device Activation Code’, click on the ‘Activate’ option.
  • Note that the Activation code that you can see on the screen of your computer or phone.

Note: A combination of 6 characters includes alphabets and numbers for example GI25SB.

  • Now go back to the hulu.com/activate page on a web browser.
  • Navigate towards the ‘Hulu account’ button, click on it, and sign in to your account.

Note: If you are new to Hulu, create a new account by following the mentioned steps.

  • Navigate towards the ‘Activate your device’ section. Under the same, provide your Hulu activate code and enter the ‘Activate’ button.
  • Wait until the activation process completes and confirm that the Hulu account has been activated.

Follow the below-mentioned steps and activate your subscriptions for the Hulu application. 

  • Visit the official page of Hulu that is Hulu.com/welcome on your device.
  • Locate the Log In or Sign In button and enter the correct Hulu login credentials. 
  • Skip the option of ‘Start Your Free Trial’ if you are not a new user.
  • Under the ‘Plans’ section you will see the following subscription: 
    1. Hulu
    2. Hulu + Live TV
    3. Hulu (No Ads)
    4. Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV
  • Select one of the aforementioned options and to verify, enter your Email address and password again.
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ option and activate your subscription by completing the payment method. 

To renew or make any changes in your Hulu subscriptions, follow the enlisted steps.

  • Visit www.hulu.com/activate page and log into your Account page.
  • Navigate towards the ‘Subscription’ tab and drop down its options.
  • Select the option of ‘Manage Plan’ and further click on the ‘Hulu Base Plan’.
  • You will see all the active plans or subscriptions under the ‘Plans’.
  • Now, to change the plans or subscriptions, move to the toggle next to the Name of the Subscription and turn it ‘On’ or ‘Off’. 
  • You can ‘Renew’ the subscription by clicking on the ‘+’ button next to the subscriptions. 
  • In case, you want to remove a subscription or plan, click on the ‘X’. 
  • At last, to apply the changes you made ‘Review Changes’ and ‘Save’ buttons respectively.

Here are the steps that will guide you to enter your Hulu activation key.

  • Start the Hulu program and sign in to your account by entering the correct email address and password. 
  • To enter the activation code, locate the ‘Activation’ on your screen. 
  • Copy the Hulu activated code from the screen if you do not remember it on your own. 
  • Enter the activation code under the ‘Watch Hulu on any device’. 
  • That’s it! After a while, your account will be activated. 

If you want to activate the Hulu application on your phone, follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Start your device and open the Hulu application. 
  • On the Welcome screen, locate the ‘Log In’ section. 
  • Get into your account by providing credentials and click on ‘Activate’.
  • Select the presented Activation Code from the next screen and paste it on the upcoming page under the ‘Watch Hulu on Your Devices’ section.
  • Your Hulu application will be activated within 30 seconds and you can enjoy watching shows on it easily.

To activate the preinstalled Hulu application, follow the enlisted instructions.

  • Start the Hulu application on your respective device.
  • Locate the ‘Log In’ button on the screen and provide the required details to log in.
  • Hit the button of ‘Activate’ on the Welcome screen.
  • You will see the Activation Code on your screen.
  • Navigate towards the ‘Watch Hulu on your devices’ option on the Account page.
  • Enter your Hulu activate code and hit in the ‘Activate’.
  • After 20-30 seconds you will be notified about the activation of the Hulu account.

Follow the below-mentioned steps and find your Hulu activate code easily.

  • Open the Hulu application from the application menu list.
  • In case, you do not have the Hulu application on your smart TV, phone, or other devices, download it from its official page via any internet browser.
  • Access your Hulu account by providing the correct Hulu email address and password.
  • You will see the Hulu activation code of 6 characters right on your screen.
  • Note the Hulu code down for further use.

If you are watching a video and want to change its language into English, follow the enlisted steps. 

  • Play the video and navigate towards the ‘Wheel’ gear. 
  • Click on the ‘Playback Control’ and drop down its options. 
  • Here, select the desired language from the given multiple languages and click on the ‘Save’ to apply the changes. 
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2 years ago

I had to face some issue when I activated my Hulu account. I thought there might be some server problems. So, that time I am very confused about how to activate a Hulu account? At the time, my friends suggested your service. Then, I called your expert and these guys activate my Hulu account easily. Thanks for the support.

3 years ago

I love watching web series. It’s so much better than those movies with typical endings. So, for the web series, I have bought the Hulu package but I don’t know how to activate the Hulu account? After, many try I got your website. when I called your expert. So, your expert activated my Hulu account through the Hulu activation code.


2 years ago

I would highly recommend Hulu. It has a wide variety of movies and is very affordable. You just have to visit hulu.com/activate to activate your Hulu account.

2 years ago

Every time I’m at the hulu.com/activate page, my phone screen hangs. How to activate Hulu? Could you please help!

2 years ago

If you want the best experience on your series, Hulu should be your go-to app. Just go to the hulu.com/activate page and activate the code. Then, enjoy your day.

2 years ago

When I bought the “family package” which was available on Hulu. I visit the hulu.com/activate page to put the activation code but there was a big error on my screen. At first, I thought it might be some server problem but it looks like it wasn’t. Later I googled and found out that I was supposed to verify my number first, then activate my account.

2 years ago

After receiving the code on my verified mobile number I visited www.hulu.com/activate page to activate my hulu account but for some reason I can’t seem to activate it. After several times I was still not able to do it. Later when I searched I found out that I was supposed to put the activation code in the device from where I had logged in first. 

2 years ago

My friend had recommended me hulu for varieties of shows and movies. When I purchased the single screen package I had to activate the account first. I visited the hulu.com/activate page but everytime I was taken back to the main page. After looking here and there for solutions I was able to do it. 

2 years ago

If you want the best experience on your shows or series, Hulu should be your go-to app. I bought the package on sharing with my sister and it has the best video quality. The only thing where I was stuck was its activation process. As I visited the hulu.com/activate page I wasn’t able to put the activation code. After trying 3-4 times I received a message that I can’t do it anymore. So I looked up at google and somehow was able to crack it.

2 years ago

I never thought that I would be stuck up at the activation process for so long. After buying the pack, I visited the hulu.com/activate page to activate my account but it kept reloading and then the screen would be blank. After spending a whole lot of 2 hours, my father had helped me and activated the code through his phone.

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