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With over 195 million paid subscribers all over the world, Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming service providers today. It receives millions of queries daily from its subscribers and fans for which the streaming giant has more than 148 million customer care executives worldwide. This guide is not just about giving you the Netflix Customer Service Phone Number but also about sharing key information that might just come in handy. Stay tuned!

Netflix Customer Services 

Netflix customer service team aims to provide a quality experience with the best-suited solutions to its customers. They can be reached just by calling the Netflix phone number. They will listen to your concern and further connect you with the right representative if need be for relevant help and information. Netflix customers are happy with the level of services offered and that keeps them going with Netflix subscriptions. 

What are the Reasons for Call Netflix?

If you face one of the following problems while using Netflix, you can dial the Netflix phone number and get your problem resolved: 

  1. You have been asked to make payments twice a month. 
  2. Netflix account has stopped working without any warning message. 
  3. Your email address and password are not recognised by Netflix. 
  4. Your Netflix account has been blocked as your auto payment method is not working. 
  5. Even after cancelling your membership, Netflix restarted automatically and the required payment is cut from your autopay account. 
  6. Your Netflix account is not working on your television. 
  7. You want to update your payment method.
  8. You have forgotten your Netflix password.
  9. Netflix has taken ***$ in the middle of the month without mentioning the reason.
  10. Netflix is not working on your iPhone device. 

We know, while facing such issues the only question that comes to your mind is ‘I need the phone number of Netflix’ to talk to the tech experts, right? So, here is the number you want, dial 866-579-7172 and resolve your doubt. 

Netflix: Major Sectors Covered 

By calling the Netflix customer service representative phone number, you can seek support in the following areas: 

  1. Payment issues 
  2. Changing subscriptions 
  3. Technical issues 
  4. Managing parental control 
  5. Service issues 

Pre-equipments for Calling Netflix

To make sure that you have a productive session with the Netflix customer service provider, here is what all you should keep in handy:

  1. If you are seeking technical support, make sure that you keep your device with yourself on which you are facing issues and calling from another device. So that the tech expert can access your device remotely and resolve the problem during the session itself.   
  1. Keep a pen and paper with you to jot down notes. If the expert is not able to access your device, you must write down the required information or steps to troubleshoot the Netflix issues you are facing. 
  1. Make sure you can access strong internet connectivity on the device you will be performing the required instructions. 
  1. Keep your Netflix email address, password, security PIN, security questions and answers that you set at the time of the Netflix sign up process. 

Once you are ready with the aforementioned things, call the Netflix phone number and get rid of all your doubts. 

What Cannot be fixed by calling Netflix?

Although Netflix customer service providers are dedicated to solving all the types of problems faced by their subscribers yet, some sectors are out of the experts’ reach. For example, problems with your Internet services and Device’s service. If your Netflix is not working because of your connectivity issues or default in mobile, reach out to the cable company and mobile phone company to know how to deal with such issues.

Cancel Subscription

The procedure of cancelling your Netflix subscriptions depends on how you have signed up for it. All the ways are mentioned below:

  1. Cancel via Netflix website ( on any device.
  2. Cancel via Google Play Store. 
  3. You can cancel via iTunes on an iOS device. 
  4. Cancel via Television.
  5. Cancel Via calling phone number.

To know the step-by-step method of cancelling your Netflix subscriptions, leave a comment below. 

Calling Netflix Didn’t Help? 

Worried because you could not reach the Netflix customer service providers or the experts could not solve your problem? Don’t worry, we have got you more options. 

  1. You must have jotted down the important steps to follow while talking to the service provider. Go through the notes and repeat the troubleshooting steps on the required device to get rid of the streaming issues. 
  2. Reconnect with the experts by calling the Netflix phone number again. This time you will be speaking to a different person as the junior expert could not solve your problem. Your problem will be understood and you will be given the best-suited solution. 
  3. If any of the phone numbers are not reachable, click on the ‘Live Chat’ sign in the lower-left corner of the screen and click on it. While communicating with the experts via Live Chat, you can also be able to solve your problem. 
  4. Ways to contact Netflix other its phone number: 
    1. Email Support
    2. Twitter
    3. Help Desk
    4. FB Messenger 

We hope that this quick guide must have helped you get your answer to the “what is Netflix phone number?” question. For more information on Netflix customer service phone number, leave a comment and we will get back to you. 

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Noah j davis
Noah j davis
1 year ago

Cancel my subscription been charging me three months with out my permission

John amiridis
John amiridis
11 months ago

My brother passed over and I wish to cancel his Netflix account under the name of John amiridis

Constantine Demetriou
Constantine Demetriou
9 months ago

My husband has a Netflix account that we have been paying for over 1 year and don’t use it as my husband has dementia I don’t know his details but it still comes out of our bank

Sharyn Volk
Sharyn Volk
9 months ago

I tried to get a live person to help with issues! Haven’t watch Netflix for 3 weeks, as always an error! I’m sick of this! I’m sure they are still chargng me! I want to cancel then start up again after I have a surgery. Too miserable now to try to fix issue! Wish someone could resolve it by coming to my house! I’ve watched Netflix for years with no problem. DANG!

Last edited 9 months ago by Sharyn Volk
8 months ago
Reply to  Sharyn Volk


martin dickins
martin dickins
8 months ago

seems almost impossible to actually speak to anyone at netflix in order to cancel subscription shit company

Caroline Sinclair
Caroline Sinclair
8 months ago

Trying to cancel subscription 0080004018** not acknowledging.

Fantastic person she care of my problem and she is
Fantastic person she care of my problem and she is
7 months ago

Fantastic person she care of my problem and she is very helpful

6 months ago

my mom passed away how do i cancel her netflix account