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Ikea is one of the leading stores that sells a complete range of furniture, kitchen appliances, and home accessories. The company was founded in 1943 and is headquartered in Delft, Netherlands. Ikea has opened its stores worldwide and provides its products around the world. Since 2008, Ikea has become the largest furniture retailer in the world. People want to inquire about their products or anything else, they must know that Ikea has set up a different customer division to help them. Whether you want to give them feedback or looking for answers, you can get in touch with Ikea Customer Care Team to resolve your issues and address your concerns.

How Do You Contact Ikea Customer Care Team?

Ikea has a team of experts that are well-trained to handle the issues and address the concerns of the customers. The customers can get in touch with the Ikea Customer Care representatives by dialing Ikea Customer Care Helpline Number. If you wish to speak to customer care representatives, the Ikea Phone Number is 888-888-4532. 

The customer care representatives are available to speak to you from Monday to Saturday between 8.00 AM to midnight. On Sunday, you can speak to customer care representatives between 9.00 AM to midnight. There are some general practices that you must follow to shorten up the time. It is a good practice of keeping a pen and paper with you and write down important things while you are conversing with the customer care team. The company receives a large volume of calls to solve the queries. So, the best time to call dial Ikea Customer Care Number is around 8:15 AM.

What Are The Issues That Can Be Resolved By Them?

Ikea is always there to help you out -no matter what. From providing you with answers to solving your problems, Ikea Customer Care Team handles matters efficiently and carefully. The team takes the onus of providing the customers with the highest level of satisfaction. Generally, a customer reaches to the Ikea Customer Care Team for these following issues:

  • Help with Tracking the order.
  • Help with Placing the order.
  • Assistance with canceling the orders.
  • Information on refund and returns of the products.

Apart from these things, if you have any questions or facing a different issue, you can put your trust in the customer care team to offer you a quick way out.

What Are The Various Other Ways Of Getting In Touch With Them?

Ikea offers you a number of ways to get in touch with the customer care team at Ikea. So, if dialing the Ikea Phone Number does not bring any satisfactory response, you can get in touch with them using these ways.

No matter what your queries are or what issues you are facing, you can always send them an e-mail describing the problem you are facing and ask for the solution. The customer care team will get back to you.

Another option includes visiting your nearest Ikea store and directly speak to the store in-charge about the issues that you are coming across. The store in-charge will definitely provide you a quick way out.

Besides that, make sure that you are always connected to them on social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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