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Hertz is an American car rental company whose headquarters is in Estero, Florida.The company operates in more than 150 countries and is the second largest Car Rental company in the U.S. Hertz was founded in 1918 by  Walter L. Jacobs. Since this is the second largest Car Rental Company, you can imagine the requests and calls it is bound to receive on a daily basis. Hertz strives hard to provide the customers with the highest level of satisfaction. For that reason, it has set up a dedicated customer department to address the grievance and issues of the customers. The customer care team is there to help you out in case you need information on the services of this company.

How Do You Contact Hertz Customer Support?

If you are looking to get some information or talk to the customer care representative, you will have to dial Hertz Customer Care Phone Number. The customer care phone number is 800-654-3131 and the customer care agents are available to talk from Monday to Friday between 7.00 AM to 7.00 PM.However, the best time to dial Hertz Phone Number is around 8.35 A.M. The line on the other end is not busy and you can address your concerns or seek assistance in a matter of time.

No matter whether you are trying to get some assistance or  got a problem with Rental, Hertz makes sure that your concerns are handled with utmost priority and for that reason, Hertz Customer Care Executive are well-trained and experienced.

What Are The Major Problems That Can Be Addressed?

Once you call Hertz Helpline Phone Number, you can address all your issues and find the best solution to your problem. The agents have experienced handling a gamut of problems. Generally, a customer calls them for the following:

  1. Changing Reservation 
  2. Information on Refund
  3. Cancellation of the reservation
  4. Difficulties in making reservations.

So, if your major concerns revolve around these things, Hertz Customer Support Team will take care of everything. You can expect them to come ahead with the best solution.

What If My Issues Are Not Resolved With A Phone Call?

Generally, you will find that your issues will be resolved at first call since they have dedicated departments to do the particular work. However, sometimes, the response from them leaves us unsatisfied.

There are various other ways to get their attention. It includes following them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and message them or mention them on your post.

Besides this, you can send an email to them about your queries and concerns. The team will get in touch with you

Future Reservations 1-800-654-3131  (US, Puerto Rico and Canada)  
  1-800-654-3001  (International)
Gold Plus Rewards Questions  1-888-999-4900 (6am-7pm CT M-F)
Car in the Shop?  1-800-704-4473 (US)
Change your return location  1-800-654-4174
A Past Rental-Billing Questions or Comments/Feedback  1-800-654-4173  (6am-7pm CT M-F)
Emergency Roadside Assistance 800-654-5060
Hearing Impaired (TDD)  1-800-654-2280
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