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GoFundMe is America’s largest crowdfunding website that helps people to raise money for personal events as well as money needed during the dire times such as during illness or accidents. Since its inception in 2010 to now, more than $9 billion has been raised so far helping people in their challenging times. The company is based in Redwood City, California along with operations in various other countries including France, Spain, German, Italy, and the United Kingdom. It is the most trusted and free-platform to raise fund and for that reason, people often check out for their customer support service.

How Do You Contact GoFundMe Customer Support Team?

It feels very disheartening to know that GoFundMe does not offer a phone-based service which means you can’t talk to customer care executives to address your concerns or doubts. However, when you check out the help section after visiting the official website, you will find that the company offers live chat to provide solutions to your queries and address your concerns.

The Live Chat support offers you a mode of written communication where you can express your doubts or queries. The customer care team will get back to you in no time, providing you with the best solution no matter what your issues are. If you are trying to connect with the GoFundMe customer care team, make sure to have a document that can verify your identity.

What Are The Issues That Can Be Solved By Them?

The lack of Phone-Based Customer support is felt, however, the live-chat option seems to compensate for the same. You can expect all your queries to be solved in a timely fashion when you connect with them through Live-Chat Option. All you have to do is type your queries or questions in the chatbox and receive the solution to your problem. Following the issues that are addressed often:

  • Assistance in setting up a new account.
  • Information about raising funds for events.
  • Questions about payments and funds.
  • Reporting fraudulent activities and campaigning.
  • Information about fees and transfer of funds.

What Are The Other Ways To Get In Touch With Them?

If you are unable to find answers to your questions even after contacting the live-chat options, don’t give up. There are other ways of getting your queries addressed and finding the best solution to get away with your doubts. Prior to everything, make sure to check out the help section where you will find plenty of information helping you on every front – from setting your account to the transfer of funds.

Apart from that, you can write an email to the company soliciting their views on your problem and a way out to get away with your queries. The team will get in touch with you in no time. Besides this, you can reach out to them through social media handles and raise your concerns over there.

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