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How To Contact AT&T?

AT&T is a company that focuses on home security, cable TV, telecommunications as well as home security. Globally, AT&T is one of the biggest companies to provide these services. AT&T is contacted by a large number of customers for a direct conversation. So, you can also call on the AT&T Phone number if you are facing any problem.

Is There Any AT&T’s Phone Number?

Yes, you can call the company at its customer support number. When you dial 800-331-0500, you will reach out at the AT&T platform where many facilities are provided. The best time to dial is around 8 am to call AT&T. Call back is available and your call will also be answered by a real human being. 

What Are Other Methods to Contact AT&T?

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the response given by the company on the phone, then, there are other methods to get in touch.

This includes contacting the AT&T through the Facebook, web, twitter as well as email. The quality of responses given by this company is also good. 

The company’s Facebook response is quick. It also gives replies on twitter normally and even you can mail your problem or query on companies’ email.

These are some of the other options for contacting AT&T:

Live Chat

The customers can use the live chat feature. You will be able to view this feature on the Company’s website as well as on the app. It is good for customers who feel comfortable writing their problems rather than telling them on the phone. It is also best when someone wants to have a written record of a conversation with the company.

Social Media

The company AT&T has also accounted for several platforms on the web like it provides a facility of contact with a person having the experience to resolve the issues that someone faces and he will also help you in researching the best solution for your problem. There will also be a written record left on the company’s social media account when someone contacts its social media platforms.

Retail Store

The customer who faces the problem can also visit one of the retail stores of the company. It provides one on one solution for the customer visiting the retail store by having consultations with its store associate. One can exactly know what kind of solution will be best for the problem and how much time will be needed to solve it by having technical support in the retail stores. 

Even after that a customer feels dissatisfied with the responses he gets, he can always dial the AT&T again as on every call, a new person will be there to resolve and deal with the issues. A different representative of the company can provide more valuable information than the previous one.

Overall AT&T provides a number of platforms where a customer can interact with the company’s officials and its replies are also generally quick and are of good quality.

AT&T Support Phone Number Timing
Bill & Account 800-288-2020 Monday – Friday, 7am – 9pm CT
    Saturday – Sunday 8am – 9pm CT
Technical Support 800-288-2020 24×7
New Service 844-827-7057 Monday – Friday, 7am – 9pm CT
    Saturday – Sunday 8am – 9pm CT
Disability Resources TTY 800-651-5111 Monday – Friday, 10 am – 10 pm ET
  Voice 866-772-3140 Saturday, 11 am – 7:45 pm ET
TV Support 800-288-2020 24×7
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