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Minato, Tokyo

24x7 000 800 100 9274


Note: This not airlines official number +1-844-234-6014. It may connect you with travel agency.

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Founded over seven decades ago, ANA Airways (All Nippon Airways) has retained its position as an important airline in the aviation industry. It has an extensive network and provides its passengers with reliable customer service across all routes. To ensure satisfaction, ANA Airways customer service provides several mediums to connect and resolve travel-related queries. Passengers can call on provided phone numbers to resolve issues/concerns regarding flight reservations, airport facilities, and special assistance. The connectivity over calls is most suitable because of 24/7 availability.  Other methods like chatbots and email are also reliable sources of information.

An Overview of ANA Airways

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ANA Airways was initially established as Japan Helicopter and Aeroplane on December 27, 1952. This carrier is headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Today, the airline operates with primary hubs at Tokyo-Haneda and Tokyo-Narita. The carrier offers flights to around 100 destinations worldwide. Moreover, ANA Airways is a proud member of the Star Alliance. 

How to Contact ANA Airways Customer Service Online?

Passengers seeking assistance regarding travel-related queries and procedures can make use of online methods to connect with the customer service of ANA Airways. The airline’s website itself provides several ways to resolve travel queries. One can make use of these methods to avoid call charges and long waiting times, especially during peak hours.

Option 1: Enquiry via Email

One of the online ways for passengers to connect with ANA customer assistance is via email. This method can be used 24/7. To take advantage of this service, passengers need to visit the official website of ANA Airways. In the “Connect with ANA” section under “Help & Contact”, they can find email inquiries. Here, they will be required to fill out the email form to avail of this service. 

There are different requirements for using email services for club members and non-club members:

For ANA Mileage Club Members:

Passengers who hold an ANA Mileage Club member card can inquire via email to get help with reservations, purchases, and flights. To use this service, they will need to log in with their ANA number and password.

For Non-ANA Mileage Club Members:

General passengers who do not hold an ANA Mileage Club Member card can contact the customer service of this airline by mail. Before sending an email, they are required to provide the following information:

  • Title
  • Name
  • ANA Number (if applicable)
  • Residence
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Passenger name (when applicable)
  • Departure date (in case applicable)
  • Flight number (if applicable)
  • From-To (when applicable)
  • Reservation number (in case applicable)
  • Inquiry

Option 2: AI-Based Chatbot 

The chatbot of ANA is a program that is easy to use and available on its site 24 hours a week. It generates responses to general queries. One can make use of this service on any smart device including phones, computers, or tablets.

Given below are the steps to use the ANA Airways customer service chat facility:

  • Open the ANA Airways website
  • Select “Help & Contact”.
  • Here, one can find the “ANA Chat” option
  • Click on that option and enter a question to receive a response. 

Option 3: Chat Operator

In case passengers require further assistance after using the ANA chatbot, they can seek help from the chat operator. To access the same, one can select a relevant inquiry from a list of queries that appear in the airline’s chat box. After selecting a query, passengers will be connected to the operator in case available. 

The operating hours for the chat operator facility are:

Passenger CategoryTimingOperational Days
Domestic 08.00 A.M. – 08.00 P.M.7 days a week
International 08.00 A.M. – 07.00 P.M.Sunday to Saturday
ANA Mileage Club 09.00 A.M. – 05.30 P.M.7 days/week

Contacting ANA Airways Using the Customer Service Phone Number

ANA Airways’ primary customer service phone number is 0570-029-709 (Japan). It operates 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Passengers should be aware that calls cannot be made to this toll-free number from outside Japan. Depending on the caller’s location and the device used, there may be access fees or restrictions.

When passengers encounter difficulty with the toll-free number, the alternative contact number is 03-6741-1120. 

Customer Service Number for ANA Airways International Fliers:

For international fliers, ANA Airways Office provides specific contact numbers for different global centers. It ensures international passengers reach customer support, irrespective of their locations. Moreover, they can easily receive assistance tailored to their location. The airline provides both toll-free numbers and paid calling services. 

CountryToll-Free NumberFor Paid Services
United States1800-235-9262310-782-3011
Singapore800-8102-448 +81-3-4332-6862 
India 000800-100-9274+81-3-4332-6868

These numbers are available 24/7. At times, timing may differ due to special circumstances. 

Note: The customer service of ANA Airways assists in Japanese and English.

Which Queries are Managed by Customer Service of ANA Airways?

The customer assistance team at ANA Airways helps both domestic and international flyers solve travel queries. The most common queries are related to baggage information. Flyers can seek assistance regarding the weight and size of different types of baggage. These queries can be solved by the chatbot most quickly but other mediums remain useful too. 

Some common inquiries include:

Flight reservationsBaggage inquiriesWeb check-in
Changes or cancellationsMileage serviceSpecial member services
Flight schedulesLost and foundIn-flight services
Online check-inRefundsGuidelines for traveling with Pet

What Services are Offered by Customer Service of ANA Airways?

Passengers can expect services regarding flight reservations and modifications to their booked tickets. They can take help from ANA Airways’ customer assistance to make a travel itinerary that suits their plans. Moreover, help regarding these services is available at any time via phone numbers operating 24/7. 

Some more services are discussed below:

  • Flyers can manage bookings.
  • This department provides information on baggage allowances.
  • It offers real-time flight status updates to flyers.
  • ANA Airways customer service assists them with special needs.
  • The airline’s customer assistance helps in simplifying check-in procedures.
  • Flyers can also convey post-flight concerns and baggage claims.
  • The customer service department offers special assistance to flyers with children.
  • Services for flyers traveling with pets are also provided. 

Does ANA Airways Customer Service Provide 24/7 Assistance?

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The Japan-based carrier, ANA Airways, offers around-the-clock customer service. This ensures travelers have access to assistance whenever they need it. Travelers can utilize the provided phone numbers to reach out. In some cases, they can engage with customer service through email or chat.

Is ANA Airways Customer Service Good?

ANA Airways is a Japanese airline that is known for its helpful customer service. Its representatives are highly trained and experienced. They are known for being responsive, professional, and helpful. They are also fluent in multiple languages, including Japanese, English, and others, in order to help more customers. 

Moreover, the airline has won recognition for the same. It has been awarded the Japan Customer Service Association’s Customer Service Grand Prize.


ANA Airways prioritizes exceptional services to ensure that passengers easily resolve their queries during or after travel. The ANA Airways customer service provides several ways to connect, including phone numbers, email, and chat support. Usually, these mediums are available for use 24/7 to leave no queries unresolved.

ANA Airways Customer Service Most Asked FAQs

How can I contact ANA Airways Customer Service?

One can contact customer assistance of this airline through phone, chat, or email.

What is the ANA Airways customer service number for Japan?

For Japan, 0570-029-709 is the customer service number to connect with this air carrier.

Is there a toll-free customer service number for ANA Airways?

Yes, ANA Airways offers toll-free numbers for different locations.

Does ANA Airways customer service provide chat support?

The airline provides live chat support on its official website.

What inquiries can I address with the customer service of ANA Airways?

Travelers can inquire about reservations, baggage, schedules, cancellations, and more.

What is the ANA Airways customer service number different for the US?

1800-235-9262 can be dialed for customer assistance in the US.

In which languages does the customer service of ANA Airways operate?

The customer assistance of this airline mainly operates in Japanese and English.

What is the ANA Airways customer service phone number for Germany?

For travelers in Germany, the customer service number is 0800-1810397.

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