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19300 International Blvd, SeaTac

24x7 1-800-252-7522


Note: This not airlines official number +1-844-234-6014. It may connect you with travel agency.

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Alaska Airlines is a prominent carrier in the aviation industry. It is recognized for its wide network and top-tier customer experience. The airline believes that accessibility and assistance are important to every air journey. To ensure that it remains responsive, Alaska Airlines customer service is provided. The service is accessible via telephone, chat portal, and text. Using these channels several requests, queries, and complaints can be managed. Moreover, the carrier also provides 24-hour customer service. Usually, this service is cost-free to use.

An Overview of Alaska Airlines

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Within the United States, Alaska Airlines has evolved into a prominent name. Formally founded as McGee Airways in 1932, it is headquartered in SeaTac, Washington. It has a large network of hubs, including Anchorage, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle. A member of the Oneworld alliance, the airline operates in 100+ destinations domestically and internationally. 

What are the Ways to Contact Alaska Airlines Customer Service?

Alaska Airlines delivers exceptional customer service via chat, text, and call. While it is free to initiate the chat, other modes comprising the use of phone numbers can involve charges. Also, note that one can easily access these services via their systems and phones. Thus, on-the-go assistance is ensured. 

Option 1: Connecting via Chat 

The US-based carrier provides passengers with the convenience of live chat support directly on its website. They can access this service by visiting the “Contact Us” page on the site. The chat facility is available in 2 languages: English and Arabic. To use Alaska Airlines customer service via chat, a customer’s name, and Mileage Plan Number are required. 

Option 2. By Sending a Text

For those who prefer concise and quick interactions, Alaska Airlines offers a text-based option. Travelers can simply send a text message to the designated number – 82008. It’s important to note that messages should be limited to 160 characters. Also, per text, data and message rates can be applicable.

Option 3. Make a Call

Customer services of Alaska Airlines are reachable via several phone numbers to cater to specific needs. The carrier offers contact access for individuals with hearing and speech disabilities as well. They can simply Dial 711 while using any phone number to avail of relay services.

Query TypePhone NumberTiming (Saturday)Timing (Monday-Friday)
Pre-flight concerns,Reservations1-800-252-7522,1-800-503-0101 (Accessible services)24/724/7
Pre-flight queries,Bookings for groups1-800-445-44357.30 A.M. to 6.00 P.M.06.00 A.M. to 06.00 P.M.
Post-flight queries,Complaints1-800-654-56698.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M.07.00 A.M. to 07.00 P.M.
Lounge-related concerns1-800-654-5669
Cargo1-800-225-27525.00 A.M. to 9.00 P.M.5.00 A.M. to 9.00 P.M.

Note: Queries related to cargo can be resolved on Sundays as well.

What is the Alaska Airlines Customer Service Phone Number for Different Locations?

The primary phone number of Alaska Airlines Offices for general inquiries and customer support is 1-800-252-7522. When calling from different locations, the airline has made international numbers available. They can be used for queries related to reservations, flight schedules, and post-flight concerns.

Alaska Airlines customer service numbers are toll-free. However, these numbers can only be used via Land Lines. Customers need to fulfill the requirement of an international dialing feature to make calls via mobile phones. 

RegionPhone Number
United Kingdom+44 20 7646 0000
Germany+49 69 69 00
Canada+1 416-247-7678
Australia +61 2 9667 9111
China+86 10 96158
France+825 827 097
India 022 6685 1010
Hong Kong +852 2181 8888
Israel+972 3-972-3333
Singapore +65 6595 6868
Netherlands+31 20 794 0800

For more phone numbers, customers can visit the “Help Center” page on Alaska Airlines’ official website. Travelers in countries that are not mentioned in the list can make calls by dialing 001-206-244-0751 and paying certain charges.  

Does Alaska Airlines Provide 24-hour Customer Service?

Alaska Airlines Customer Service, What is the Alaska Airlines Customer Service Phone Number, Alaska Airlines Contact Number, Alaska Airlines Customer Services, Alaska Airlines Phone Number

This airline offers 24-hour customer service to ensure passengers can access assistance at any time. Alaska Airlines’ 24-hour customer service is available on different modes like chat portals, text messages, and calls. For disabled passengers too, twenty-four-hour availability has been ensured. The region-wise phone numbers are available around the clock. 

Which Passenger Queries are Managed by Customer Service at Alaska Airlines?

The customer service department of Alaska Airlines is dedicated to addressing a wide array of passenger queries and concerns. The most common queries solved by the department are related to baggage allowances. The customer assistance team also provides information on extra baggage charges. 

Additional passenger queries managed by this department are mentioned below:

Flight reservationsFlight changeTicket cancellations
Lost and damaged baggageFlight schedulesGround transportation options
Baggage policySpecial assistanceCheck-in
Lounge accessibility In-flight mealsRefunds

What Services do Alaska Airlines’ Customer Service Provide?

Alaska Airlines customer service provides several facilities to its passengers whether requested online, on call, in-person, or at the airport. These services include flight reservations, baggage details, and modifications after booking. Both domestic and international passengers are served by this department. 

  • Passengers can get assistance regarding booking and modifying reservations.
  • Customer service provides information related to baggage allowance.
  • One can contact the department for real-time flight status updates.
  • This carrier also caters to the needs of passengers with:
    • Disabilities 
    • Medical requirements
  • Check-in services are also provided, whether online or at the airport.
  • Customer service addresses post-flight concerns and baggage claim issues.

How Good is Customer Service by Alaska Airlines?

The carrier, Alaska Airlines, has earned a reputation for providing exemplary customer service. With a commitment to passenger satisfaction, this service is widely regarded for its overall positive impact. Passengers acknowledge the accessibility and responsiveness of the Alaska Airlines team, particularly for 24-hour availability.


Alaska Airlines excels in its customer services, ensuring easy accessibility and responsiveness. It ensures passenger satisfaction through these. The airline provides several mediums to connect including phone numbers for different regions, chat facilities, and texting options, thereby, meeting the preferences of passengers for communication.

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related To Alaska Airlines Customer Service

What is the Alaska Airlines customer service number?

The Alaska Airlines customer service number is 000 800 100 1051.

Is Alaska Airlines customer service available 24 hours a day?

Yes, the airline offers 24-hour customer service to assist passengers at any time.

How can I contact Alaska Airlines customer service 24/7?

Passengers can reach customer service 24/7 by calling 1-800-252-7522.

Does Alaska Airlines offer a live chat option for customer service?

Yes, it provides a live chat option on its website.

What is the customer service number for Alaska Airlines for reservations?

One can call 1-800-252-7522 to get assistance regarding flights and reservations.

How to contact Alaska Airlines customer service for group reservations?

For group reservations, passengers can contact the airline department at 1-800-445-4435.

Does Alaska Airlines have customer services for passengers with disabilities?

Yes, the airline’s customer service department helps passengers with disabilities.

Is Alaska Airlines customer service phone number toll-free?

Most phone numbers provided by this airline for use are toll-free.

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