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Note: This not airlines official number +1-844-234-6014. It may connect you with travel agency.

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Air Canada is the largest airline in Canada, with a number of officials to initiate excellent customer service. This department is responsible for managing queries, requests, as well as complaints raised by passengers. To connect with the Air Canada customer service, several ways are available. Calling, email, and chat services are some of these ways. Usually, these services are available 24 hours, throughout the week. Also, depending on the medium selected and factors like location, it is cost-free to connect with this department.

An Overview of Air Canada

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The Canadian carrier, Air Canada commenced its first operation on 1 January 1965. It is known as the founding member of the organization, Star Alliance. The airline operates a number of flights to more than 200 destinations around the world. This carrier is headquartered in Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada, and operates all its major operations from here. 

How to Contact the Customer Service of Air Canada?

Air Canada’s customer service provides a variety of ways to connect, be it by phone, chat, or email. Within Canada and the U.S., the provided numbers are toll-free. Whereas in other countries, toll charges may apply. Irrespective of the charges, these methods enable the passengers to connect smoothly and get their queries solved.

Option 1: By Calling

One of the most convenient ways to connect to the Canadian carrier’s office is via call. Passengers can call on 1-888-247-2262 for queries related to flight information and reservations. The customer service number for Air Canada is toll-free. It is available 24/7 in Canada and the United States. 

Option 2: Connect via Email Address

Travelers who want to convey their concerns related to their travel can send emails to reach out to the customer service of this airline. These concerns can be related to the refunds of canceled or delayed flights. Moreover, passengers can send emails about their lost baggage. Usually, one can expect a response in around 30 days. 

To avail of this service, travelers need to go through several steps, mentioned as follows:

  • Open the official website of Air Canada and select “Contact Information”.
  • On the next page, press “Air Canada Customer Relations”.
  • Here, tap on “Send us an Email”. 
  • On the “Let Us Know” page,  select a concern from different categories.
  • Fill in “Regarding” and “Issue”.
  • Then press “Next”. 
  • After this, one will be directed to a form. Here, add personal details like:
    • Name 
    • Permanent address
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • City
    • State
    • Region 
  • Tap on “Next”.
  • Follow the remaining prompts to send an email via this website.

Option 3: Utilize Chat Facility

The Air Canada customer service chat facility is a direct approach to sharing complaints or getting concerns cleared. This facility is accessible on the website of the airline. Prior to using this option, it is important to note that one message cannot exceed 150 characters. For the best solution, the query must be kept short.

  • On the official site of this airline, go to “Contact Information”.
  • Here, at the bottom-right corner, press the chat icon.
  • In “Type Your Question Here”, add a query or concern.
  • Press the “Send” icon to start chatting with the carrier’s customer support team.

What are the Air Canada Customer Service Phone Numbers for International Locations?

Customer service phone numbers for Air Canada Office are available to help passengers extensively. They can be found on the airline’s website. This site gives an option to select any particular country from a list. It can get the contact details of over 100 countries. These locations include Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan, etc.

Here are some of the customer assistance numbers for major locations:

CountryContact Number
Australia 0011 800 6699 2222
China 4001122776
France 00 800 669 92222
Germany00 800 669 92222
Indonesia +62 21 295 33 366
United Kingdom00 800 669 92222
United Arab Emirates971-4-2112-537

These are a few points to consider before using international numbers to connect with the airline: 

  • Some of these numbers may not be available 24/7.
  • They may only operate during certain hours on specific days. 
  • However, a few contact numbers are subject to toll charges.
  • Passengers need to enable international calling on their landline. 
  • Charges are applicable when calling from a mobile phone. 

Is Air Canada Customer Service Available 24/7?

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Air Canada’s 24-hour customer service is available, making the carrier reliable for passengers. By offering twenty-four-hour customer support, it makes it easy for passengers to get the required assistance whenever they need it. Passengers can make use of this service via phone and chat. It is particularly helpful to get information about their flight schedules and status. 

Which Passenger Queries are Handled by Air Canada’s Customer Service?

This carrier’s customer assistance department handles a wide range of customer queries on a daily basis. These queries can be related to flight schedules/updates and baggage allowance. Additionally, queries regarding in-flight amenities are also addressed by the customer assistance department. 

Other queries managed by this department are mentioned below:

Visa requirementsImmigration regulationsMeal optionsDelayed flights
Flight reservationsLost and found baggageAirport loungesFlight change
Special needs assistanceRefunds and travel creditsEntertainment options Check-ins

What Services are Offered by the Customer Service of Air Canada?

The customer service department of Air Canada provides services related to flight reservations and management. It can help passengers make changes in their flights and other necessities like class and seats. At times, even after a flight has landed/arrived, assistance can be availed from this department.

This air operator offers several other services as well which include the following:

  • Passengers can make flight reservations with the help of customer support.
  • Air Canada’s team provides regular updates on flight schedules.
  • They can help passengers with baggage allowance and extra charges. 
  • If a passenger’s flight is delayed or cancelled, rebook options can be availed.
  • Travelers can enquire about the entertainment options available on the flight.
  • Information about airport facilities can also be gained.
  • Customer support helps passengers with ground transportation facilities available.

How are Air Canada Customer Service Reviews?

Passenger reviews on the customer service of Air Canada are generally good. They praise the representatives for their assistance on calls. The airline is acknowledged for 24-hour availability and frequent responses. Moreover, the chat facility is good for instant guidance and solutions.  


Air Canada offers diverse options for customer assistance, including phone, email, and chat support. Travelers can easily access assistance for their needs related to flights and related services. The airline’s 24/7 availability is a valuable feature too. It provides assistance to international flyers over the call.

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Most Asked FAQs On Air Canada customer service

How to contact Air Canada customer service?

One can contact the customer service of this carrier by dialing 1-888-247-2262.

Does the Customer Service of Air Canada make flight reservations?

Does the Customer Service of Air Canada make flight reservations?

What is the customer service number for Air Canada in the UK?

The customer assistance number for UK travelers is 00 800 669 92222.

What is the Air Canada customer service phone number for bookings?

Travelers can call on 1-888-247-2262 to make flight reservations.

Is Air Canada’s 24-hour customer service offered?

Yes, the operator provides round-the-clock assistance to its flyers.

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