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A1 Building Sharjah Freight Center, Sharjah International Airport, UAE

24x7 +971 600 508001


Note: This not airlines official number +1-844-234-6014. It may connect you with travel agency.

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Passengers can reach out to Air Arabia Customer Service for reliable assistance during their travel. This department stands as the ultimate source of information to solve all travel-related queries. To ensure that, the airline offers a range of options to connect with the customer service team. One of the ways is to connect via WhatsApp or website chatbot. It is the easiest and quickest way to get in touch with the airline. Other ways to seek assistance from this department include calling or via email. Usually, these options are charge-free and available 24/7, depending on the location and different mediums. These methods can be used at one’s convenience to solve queries and requests or to file complaints.

An Overview of Air Arabia

The low-cost carrier, Air Arabia is a prominent member of the Arab Air Carriers Organization. It is headquartered at Sharjah International Airport, United Arab Emirates. Commencing its operation from October 2003, the airline serves around 170 destinations domestically and internationally. Additionally, it has a fleet size of 64 aircraft.

Here is the Air Arabia Corporate Office Map:

How to Contact Air Arabia Customer Service Online?

For both domestic and international fliers, Air Arabia provides online methods to connect with the customer service staff. Also, online connectivity is the best way for passengers who want to avoid calling charges. Website chatbot, WhatsApp connectivity, and email are the web-based ways to connect with the airline.

Method 1: Website Chat Service

The passengers of Air Arabia can use a website chatbot to get instant help from the customer assistance department. To start a chat session, one can click on the chat icon on the bottom-right corner of the airline website. Air Arabia’s Customer Service chat facility is freely available to assist passengers 24 hours.

  • This facility is usually available in 2 languages: French and English. 
  • If other languages are used, the chatbot will provide an option to talk to a live agent. 
  • Language concerns can be shared with the agent and one can comfortably discuss queries.

Follow these steps to use the airline’s chat support:

  • Go to the Air Arabia website.
  • Visit the “Help” page and scroll down to find the contact options.
  • Click on the chat icon available on the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Type the question or request and press “Enter”.

Method 2: Live Support Representatives

In case the chatbot of the Emirati carrier cannot help customers with their queries, it will direct them to live support representatives. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The representative will understand the issues and queries and provide reliable help in the promised duration.

Method 3: WhatsApp Chat Option

When passengers prefer, they can contact the customer service of Air Arabia via WhatsApp at +971 600 508001. One needs to follow simple steps to use this service. Firstly, passengers need to send a message to the said number. It should clearly state the travel-related query. They can also mention necessary information like the name and reference number along with the message.

Method 4: Send an Email

Travelers can get in touch with and submit their complaints to Air Arabia by email. The airline provides 2 ways to email its customer service department. First, they can directly send emails to

Secondly, one can also visit the “Contact Us” section on its website. On this page, passengers can find the “Email us” option and access an online form. They will be required to fill in some necessary information. This information can include the following details:

  • Name
  • Passenger Email
  • Country
  • Place
  • Complaint category 
  • Subject and Enquiry

Tip: It is advised to use this option to claim refunds and rewards or clear associated queries. 

How to Contact Air Arabia Customer Service 24/7?

Air Arabia provides its customers with a range of dedicated call centers to handle passenger queries. These call centers are available round the clock for both domestic and international passengers. One can use Air Arabia’s 24-hour Customer Service phone numbers to solve queries related to flight bookings, services, and offers.

Contact Number for Domestic Locations

The local customer support number for Air Arabia is 600508001. This number belongs to the head office of the airline which is located in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. It is available 24 hours and 7 days to manage passenger queries and provide them with relevant information.

Region-wise Customer Service Numbers

Air Arabia provides several international numbers for flyers looking for help in different Air Arabia Office locations. The timings may vary for each location, as some of them operate twenty-four hours while a few contact numbers are available for a limited time from Monday to Saturday.

LocationAir Arabia Customer Service Phone Number
Luxor, Egypt16278/+20222659900, 16278/+20225876300
Paris, France0890002353
Sarajevo, Georgia033-295-446 (447)
Frankfurt, Germany0049 0180 6404040
New Delhi, India+91 22-71004777
Venice, Italy895 895 3311
Almaty, Kazakhstan+7 727 325 51 16
Beirut, Lebanon+961 71 141356
Amsterdam, Netherlands0900 7790 7790
Doha, Qatar+97444073434
Moscow, Russia+74959375925
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia+966 9200 11969+966 11 520 0867
London, United Kingdom0906 711 0009

Toll-charges for International Numbers

Some international numbers of Air Arabia Customer Service assistance invite toll charges. These charges can apply on a per-call or per-minute basis. Moreover, the rates may vary for different locations, owing to several factors. So, fliers are advised to visit the “Call Centre” page on the official website before calling.

What Passengers Query does Air Arabia Customer Service Handle?

Air Arabia Customer Service handles a wide range of passenger queries. These queries can include before-flight questions like check-in procedures. The department also manages in-flight queries related to meals and entertainment options. Additionally, one can also seek assistance for delayed and damaged baggage after one’s flight.

More such concerns are mentioned below:

Flight statusTravel documentsOnline check-in
Baggage allowanceFlight bookingsAirport services
Ticket cancelationFlight changeIn-flight amenities 

Common Passenger Complaints

Passengers can connect with Air Arabia to file various complaints. The most convenient way to file a complaint is via email. These complaints can be related to delayed flights and refunds.

Here are some of the concerns that the customer service of Air Arabia handles:

  • Delayed or canceled flights
  • Lost or damaged baggage
  • Poor customer service from Air Arabia staff
  • Overbooking
  • Discrimination
  • Accessibility issues

Which Services are Offered by the Customer Service of Air Arabia?

The customer assistance of Air Arabia offers various services to cater to most needs. The services include flight bookings and modifications. Passengers with disabilities and medical problems can also seek special assistance and avail of different services.

  • Travelers can book, modify, or cancel their tickets with customer service.
  • This department helps them with baggage allowance details. 
  • Also, they can ask for airport facilities like transportation and lounges.
  • Travel insurance services are provided by customer support.
  • For travelers with disabilities, special assistance can be requested.
  • Assistance is also available for those carrying infants on flights.
  • Travelers can obtain information on visa documents and online check-ins.
  • One can get help with delayed or canceled flights and claim a refund.
  • Air Arabia customer support helps travelers book ground transportation. 

How Good is Air Arabia’s Customer Service?

Air Arabia’s Customer Service is generally well-regarded by passengers. The airline staff provides reliable assistance regarding flight reservations, baggage information, check-in procedures, etc. The airline is acknowledged for offering several options to seek assistance too.

However, in some instances, passengers expect to get quick responses and resolutions. During peak times though, this department takes longer to respond to inquiries.

To Conclude

Overall, the Customer Service of Air Arabia is a reliable source to seek assistance through chat, email, and phone numbers. Many of these mediums provide 24-hour services to resolve customers’ queries related to flight reservations, special assistance, and other travel services.

Most Asked FAQs On Air Arabia customer service

How to connect with Air Arabia customer service?

One can connect with this department through phone, chat, or mail.

What is the email ID for Customer Service of Air Arabia?

The email ID to contact this department is

What is the customer service number for Air Arabia in Qatar?

For Qatar travelers, the customer assistance number is +97444073434.

Does Air Arabia provide 24-hour customer service?

Yes, Air Arabia customer support offers 24/7 assistance.

What is the WhatsApp contact number for Air Arabia customer service?

The WhatsApp chat number to connect with this carrier is +971 600 508001.

How can I contact Air Arabia customer service 24/7?

This airline provides 24-hour service via chat options and calling.

What is the Air Arabia customer service phone number for Saudi Arabia?

The phone number for airline customer support in Saudi Arabia is +966 9200 11969.

Is the customer number of Air Arabia in Paris, France toll-free?

No, 0.50 Euro per minute charges are applicable when using the service in the region.

How long does Air Arabia customer service take to respond to emails?

The airline typically responds to emails within 48 hours. It may take up to 1 month.

Air Arabia Other Locations

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