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If you live in the Italy and are planning to travel with Alaska Airlines very soon then you must keep the address of the Alaska Airlines Office in Italy and its other contact details in handy. Not only the contact information but also the Alaska airlines flight booking, flight change, and cancellation processes will also be useful for you. This detailed guide brings all the essential information about the Alaska Airlines Office Italy that you should know to plan a lifetime memorable trip. 

Here you go: 

About Alaska Airlines 

Headquartered in SeaTac, Washington, Alaska Airlines is the fifth largest airline in the US with a fleet size of 322 and 116 destinations. It was founded in 1932 as McGee Airways and has overcome World War II and undergone a revolutionary change by introducing new jets and destinations. Alaska Airlines now receives global appreciation for its next-level care and amazing in-air experience at the lowest cost.

Alaska Airlines Office Italy Address 

If you are a Italy resident, you can walk up to the below-mentioned Alaska Airlines Office Italy address: 

Alaska Airlines Office


Alaska Airlines Office Italy Other Contact Details

If you want to contact the Alaska Airlines staff without visiting the Italy office, you can use any of the enlisted contact details: 

  1. Leave a message on Alaska’s FB page:
  2. Tweet to
  3. Head to the page and scroll down the page. Click on the ‘Customer Service’ and click on the ‘Help Center’. 
  4. Leave a text message to 82008. 
  5. Fax to 206-392-2786, 206-433-3477
  6. Call the Alaska Airlines Office Italy phone number that is 00-800-25275200. 

Alaska Airlines Mobile Application 

By downloading the Alaska Airlines mobile application you can experience touch-free travel. All the convenience of booking flights, making smaller changes, online check-in, and more will be at your fingertips. You will not have to run away to Alaska Airlines office in Italy for every small work. Here are the download links as per your mobile device:




Download the Alaska Airlines’ application and enjoy the new contactless services. 

How to Book a Flight with Alaska Airlines Online?

Alaska online flight booking option is like a savior to those who live far away from the Alaska Airlines Office in Italy, and who are in a rush. If you are looking for the right steps to book flight tickets from wherever you are, then read the below instructions. 

  • Open an internet browser on your device and type in the address bar. 
  • On the official website of Alaska Airlines, go to the taskbar under the ‘Welcome. Let’s go somewhere’ section. 
  • Click on the ‘Book’ and choose ‘Flights’ from the given options. 
  • Click on the ‘One-way’ or ‘Use-miles’ option as per your trip. 
  • In the ‘From’ tab, enter the airport from where you want to start. 
  • Write the name of the destination airport in the ‘To’ tab. 
  • Then, select the ‘Departure date’ and ‘Return date’ from the next line. 
  • Drop down the ‘Adult’ tab and choose the number of adults traveling with you with Alaska Airlines. 
  • Then, choose the number of children traveling with you. 
  • Click on the ‘Find Flights’. Now, under the ‘Available award flights,’ you can see the list. 
  • You can change the preferences order of ‘View By’ and ‘Filter Results’ by clicking on the desired option. 
  • A quick ‘Compare Award Types’ window will pop up. Here you can compare the options. 
  • Select the desired ‘Flight’ for departure and return then, click on the ‘Continue’ option.
  • Hit the ‘Add to Cart’ tab button and proceed towards buying Alaska tickets. 
  • On the next page, review the department and return flights and click on the ‘Next’ tab. 
  • Provide your ‘User ID’ or ‘Mileage Plan number’ in the first tab of the next page.
  • Provide your Alaska password in the ‘Password’ tab and click on the ‘Remember Me’ option. 
  • Hit on the ‘Sign In’ button and log in to your Alaska account. 

Note: If you do not have an account on Alaska Airlines, click on the ‘Continue’ option under the ‘I don’t have an account’ and create one. 

  • Choose the ‘Seats’ on the next page and confirm your choice by clicking on the right tab. 
  • Provide the valid payment details and confirm your booking with Alaska Airlines.

After following the steps mentioned above thoroughly, your flight tickets will be successfully booked. In case, you suck in any step or want to seek guidance from a professional, dial the Alaska Airlines Office Italy phone number that is 00-800-25275200. 

How to Check Alaska Airlines Flight Status? 

  • Open an internet browser on your device and type in the address bar. 
  • On the official website of Alaska Airlines, go to the taskbar under the ‘Welcome. Let’s go somewhere’ section. 
  • Click on the ‘Flight Status’ from the taskbar options. 
  • Then, validate when you are departing and provide the number of the Alaska Flight. 
  • In the next step, choose the airports for departure and destination. 
  • Enter the ‘Departure Date’ and hit the button ‘Continue’. 
  • The status of the Alaska flight that you are going to travel with will be written on your screen. 

If you want to know anything else about your Alaska flight, dial the customer service phone number or visit the nearest Alaska Airlines office Italy.

Alaska Airlines Office Italy Number for Baggage Allowance

Passengers can pay for their baggage during checking-in online or at the airport ticket counter as well. Alaska Airlines baggage policy includes the following rules and fees: 

Bag fees (Standard)First BagSecond BagExtra Bags
Each bag must be 50 lbs with a maximum dimension of 62”$30$40$100 each

Bag fees (Oversize or Overweight)
The bag weighs more than 50lbs to 100lbs Bag with a dimension of 63 to 115

If you want to learn about the Alaska Airlines baggage policy in detail, call on the following number before boarding 1-877-815-8253 or visit the Alaska Airlines Office Italy.

What is the Online Check-in Process of Alaska Airlines?

To prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Virus Alaska is allowing passengers to check-in via online method only. Hence, the following steps will come in handy. You can check-in to your flight only 1 to 24 hours before your departure timing. 

  • Open an internet browser on your device and type in the address bar. 
  • On the official website of Alaska Airlines, go to the taskbar under the ‘Welcome. Let’s go somewhere’ section. 
  • Click on the ‘Check in’ option from the taskbar. 
  • Click on the ‘Departure City’ and choose the Airport from where you will be departing. 
  • Now select one from the following options for ‘Look up reservation’:
    1. Confirmation Code
    2. E-ticket Number
    3. Mileage Plan Number
  • Then, click on the ‘Check In’ button to process. 
  • Provide the required details:
    1. If you choose ‘Confirmation code’, enter ‘6 letters from Alaska’.
    2. And if you choose ‘E-ticket Number’, enter ‘10 or 13 ticket number.’
    3. If you choose, ‘Mileage Plan Number’, enter ‘Alaska Mileage Plan ends with #’. 
  • Confirm that you are checking in by clicking on the ‘CHECK IN’ button.

After following the steps correctly you will be successfully checked in without even paying a visit to Alaska Airlines Office Italy.

How to Cancel Alaska Airlines Tickets?

There are three main ways to cancel your Alaska flight tickets: by calling Alaska Airlines customer service, visiting the Alaska Airlines Office Italy, or by using Alaska official website. If you wish to cancel tickets by making a call to travel experts, dial 00-800-25275200 otherwise, follow the enlisted steps: 

  • Open an internet browser on your device and type in the address bar. 
  • On the official website of Alaska Airlines, go to the taskbar under the ‘Welcome. Let’s go somewhere’ section. 
  • Click on the ‘Manage’ option from the taskbar’. 
  • Enter the ‘Passenger’s last name’ and ‘Confirmation code/ E-ticket’ for verification. 
  • Click on the ‘Continue’ button. 
  • Choose the option of ‘Cancel My Flight’ and provide the required details. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and cancel your flight successfully. 

Alaska Airlines Office Italy: Help Desk

Here are the Alaska Airlines Office Italy customer service numbers for different categories: 

Alaska Airlines Office Italy Number for New Reservations844-202-9532 (waiting min: 1)
Alaska Airlines Office Italy Number for Baggage Queries877-815-8253 (waiting min: 11)
Alaska Airlines Office Italy Number for Post-Flight Concerns1-800-654-5669
Alaska Airlines Office Italy Number for General Queries800-252-7522 (waiting min: 2)

The given customer services number can also help you with the following problems: 

  1. Funds not received after canceling the tickets. 
  2. Cannot make changes in flight. 
  3. How much extra do I need to pay for carrying additional baggage?
  4. Need to change the official name on the reservations. 
  5. Not being able to postpone the tickets.
  6. Alaska Airlines baggage policy. 
  7. The refund policy of Alaska Airlines.
  8. Would like to change the departure airport on my tickets. 
  9. How to add a pet to my reservation?
  10. Cannot buy the tickets via credit card, what are the other options?
  11. Flight status is not showing on the main website. 
  12. My baggage is missing. 
  13. Problems facing baggage at the airport. 
  14. How do I book additional seats?
  15. Issues while checking in at the airport. 

Alaska Airlines Customer Service Numbers for Other Countries

Alaska Airlines Office Canada1-800-252-7522
Alaska Airlines Office Colombia005-800-25275200
Alaska Airlines Office Denmark00-800-25275200
Alaska Airlines Office Germany00-800-25275200
Alaska Airlines Office Switzerland00-800-25275200
Alaska Airlines Office United Kingdom001-800-2527522
Alaska Airlines Office Mexico001-800-252-7522

We hope this detailed guide helped you in planning your desired trip without any hassle. If you have more questions in your mind, drop them in our comment box or call the Alaska Airlines Office Italy number.

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